Monday, September 27, 2010

Cloudy with a Chance of Kuntz, and other Cards from Hoopla Cards

I've been trying to complete my smaller player collections as much as possible lately, and so I made a few purchases from Beckett. This purchase, from Hoopla Sportscards, also featured the best Rusty Kuntz card I've ever seen. Behold:
He's like a Greek God or something in this image, and it looks AMAZING!

I got this package and a trade package (that'll be posted in a few days) on the same day, and both had a God Shammgod 97-98 Fleer card in them. The left one is the base from the trade, the right is the Tiffany Parallel from Hoopla:
I now have every single God Shammgod card available online. That puts me 5 short, so if you or anyone you know has any of the following cards:

1997 Scoreboard Rookies Varsity Club #VC16
1997-1998 Fleer Metal Universe Championship Precious Metal Gems #49 /50
1997-1998 Fleer Ultra Masterpieces #168 /1
1997-1998 Fleer Ultra Platinum Medallion #168 /150
or 1997-1998 Z-Force Super Rave #122 /50

Then please let me know! I need them for my master set!

I also picked up the last Wonderful Monds available online that I didn't already have, which is the non-gold parallel of a card I picked up a few weeks ago from Burbank:
Same deal with him, if you or anyone you know has:
1995 Durham Bulls Team Issue #22
1995 Upper Deck SP Top Prospects Promos #18
1998 New Haven Ravens Maritime Aquarium #19
1998 New Haven Ravens Multi-Ad #19

Then hit me up, I'll make it worth your while!

After those 3 cards, I picked up 3 more cards from my random wants list, since they were cheap and I liked them. This first card rules since it's Michael Bishop, but it's made especially awesome because the back discusses one of my favorite plays of all time:
Tony Simmons returns a squib kick to the Colt 44 yard line, leaving 4 seconds on the clock before half. Bishop comes in since he has a rocket arm, tosses a hail mary to the end zone on his first career pass attempt, and Simmons catches it for the score. And the Pats beat the Colts and win the game! Easily one of the top 10 sporting moments of my entire life.

A year later Brady was winning a championship...but I was a Michael Bishop fan long before I was a Tom Brady fan, and this play had a lot to do with that!

Another cool guy I like with a good game of his - Shantee Orr, Texans, with a three sack game in 2005. My brother and I loved this dude for some reason, and would make him our #1 pick in Madden just because we knew otherwise the other brother would pick him. He didn't amount to much, but I'm glad to finally have a card of his:

Last but not least, the sole reason I wanted to collect 1996 Fleer Metal Universe...the trippy Sammy Sosa Bubbles card:
I ended up coming to my senses and sticking with just one FMU year, 1997, which I find to be the most insane (I like trippy). But I needed to own this card someday and now I I'm a happy Moose!

Thanks Hoopla for helping me make progress on some master sets and for bringing me some happy sporting memories!

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