Sunday, September 5, 2010

NFL Cutdowns Begin - Many Lefty QB's Cut, Fantastic Name Also Cut

When I started this blog, the largest part of my inspiration was obviously great names. Another, side inspiration, however, was to compile an all-encompassing list of every left handed quarterback who ever played in the NFL. Why? Well, I asked that question one day, and then I realized a lot of people on Google asked the same question with non definitive/erroneous answers, and so I decided to set the record straight.

The current list is here, and 8 of those quarterbacks are active. However, after cut downs yesterday, only 4 left handed quarterbacks are even on a team. Matt Leinart, Chris Simms, and Pat White were all cut yesterday, joining the previously cut Tyler Palko in free agency. I'm sure Leinart and White will find another team, but Simms and Palko may be out of luck. Which would be a shame, because the only other current lefties are rookies Tim Tebow and Sean Canfield, the controversial Michael Vick, and ageless wonder back up Mark Brunell.

One name that was cut really caught my eye though - Kicker Swayze Waters. Is Swayze a common first name? I'd think not, but it's a pretty awesome name given the late, great actor. I hope Waters finds his way back onto a team somewhere - cause nobody puts Swayze in a corner!


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