Friday, October 1, 2010

Boxscores on Cards - 1997 Upper Deck Special Report: History in the Making

I'm pretty sure that someone somewhere in the OCC (Online Card Community - you down with OCC? yeah you know me!) recently asked if any cards ever had an entire box score on the back. I came across this card today and remembered that it came pretty damn close:
The front is cool, but the back is the epic part:
Check it out! You get the score, the batter stats (with subs and pinch hitters and everything), the inning by inning score line, the pitcher stats, the duration of the game, AND the attendance. Impressive, no? You also get the little blurb on the left to let you know about what the guy whose card it is did in the game!

I figure it's kind of a small dose of what Upper Deck tried to do years later. Of course, they got rid of most of the stats and didn't have write ups that matched images, so that was lame. I wonder if they could have done these backs for an entire 162 game set. Now that's something I'd be interesting in buying!

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