Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trades Keep on Rollin' In: Now with More Night Owl!

When it trade rains, it trade pours I guess! I had been waiting on 12-15 trades to come in, and it seems like they've all come in between last Friday and this week, which rules, but makes my blog very trade post heavy. As long as the trades stay excellent and hit up a bunch of my needs like this one from everyone's favorite Night Owl, then that's alright with me!

My favorite card from the package was actually the first time that a blogger got me something off my random wants list - it's an Olmedo Saenz card from 2007 Topps:
As I told the Owl, I generally dislike the 2007 Topps set, but I think it works well with Saenz here in Dodger blue. I also like the sunhats behind Saenz in the stands...very dorky but very cool. And I love the fact that it's Saenz most of all - I mentioned a while back about how he almost single handedly won the second game I ever saw in person, so he holds a special place in my heart. Great dude that Olmedo Saenz!

That said, I still have his relic card as a random want on my random wants list. So if anyone has it, I'd love it! And in general, if you want to trade with me, my random wants page is a good place to start. It's often features more recent players/years than my player and set collections, and it's a pretty crazy assortment that changes all the time, so you never know when you'll have something I need! Check it out!

I guess this was just a trade for firsts in general, as Night Owl also sent me 5 cards for my cards featuring drinking cups collection. My favorite was the 1983 Fleer Al Oliver, which features 2 cups:
It's no 1998 UDCC Pat Meares, but 2 cups beats 1 cup, so I think it's cool!

I also like shots where the player is sort of hiding the cup from view, like this Pat Mahomes:

And finally (I'm only showing 3 cards but trust me that there were 5, check the page if you don't believe me!) , here's a non paper/gatorade cup, the Pepsi can behind Greg Brock on his 1988 Topps card:
I generally tend to collect either the green and orange gatorade cups and/or plain white Styrofoam cups, but really it's an all inclusive club. So send away!

Owl also sent me a bunch of 95 Topps I needed, but I figured I'd just show off one card, this sweet Cyberstats Derrick May:
Thanks for the stuff Night Owl! Great goodies as always!


  1. Those cup cards totally amuse me. They make me want to look through my collection again to find more.

  2. You are so random and crazy and great! I love it!!!!

  3. Haha glad you like them too Owl! And thanks Troll!