Monday, October 25, 2010

Goodies from My Cardboard Mistress, Plus a New Ebay Seneca!

If you haven't heard of My Cardboard Mistress yet, you've probably at least seen his calling card:

I hadn't known much about MCM besides that, so I was happily surprised a few weeks ago when he emailed me about a potential trade. Turns out he had a card I needed for a PC, a card from my random wants, AND possibly some set help as well. I couldn't resist, packed up some Vicks and Suggs (Virginia Tech boys) to send his way, and happily awaited his cards. They arrived today!

The best card in the pack, IMO, is one that MCM pulled from a dollar store repack - a 1990 Mariners Mother's Cookies #27, featuring everyone's favorite coach, Rusty Kuntz:
I know MCM mentioned the absurdity of this appearing in a repack on his blog, but I will further say, "WTF?" I mean, I'm glad it was there, because otherwise he wouldn't have pulled it and so I wouldn't be sharing this with you right now. But what a crazy random insert to be in a Dollar Tree pack.

Anyways, that puts me at 19/27 Kuntz cards in terms of my master set completion. 8 to go, most of which are online, so he could potentially be my first completed player collection!

The next card MCM mentioned in the email was a Carlos Delgado jersey card that he had pulled...twice! One went to BA Benny (it's a Mets card too), one went to me:
I love the design of this card, and I love that it celebrates a record set against the Yankees (sorry Bo and Drew!). And in general, I just like Delgado a lot as a player - a great homerun hitter who is often overlooked compared to some of the bigger boppers of his time, a la Fred McGriff (I think of Derrek Lee in the same breath, though he doesn't quite have the power to the same degree). I didn't want to player collect Delgado, but I did want a relic, and now I've got one - so thanks MCM!

Finally, MCM said he'd offer me a little set help if he could. That came in the form of 4 more cards that I needed for Series 1 1995 Topps Baseball:
The Sosa made me happiest, both because I remember that card from my childhood days of collecting AND because it was #11, meaning I now own cards 1 to 76 (that's now 8 and a half pages with no gaps!). This set collecting is going weird though - I now only need 12 more cards from Series 1, but I need 216 from Series 2. I've collected this set mostly through blogger traders, so I wonder what that says about people's collecting habits. Maybe baseball card love was waning due to the aftermath of the strike? Or you guys just didn't like Series 1 after buying it and so you stopped and moved to Leaf or Upper Deck or something?

Regardless, closer to finishing two sets and I got a relic card of a really cool guy - so thanks MCM! I highly recommend him as a trader bloggers, so feel free to check out his wants and see if you can work something out bloggers!

Finally, I picked up my first Seneca Wallace card in what seems like forever, which is a really cool one. It's a 2003 UD dual jersey card of Seneca and Antwaan Randle El, featuring college jerseys, and #'d 259/290:
Seneca's jersey is listed on the back as being from "a college game," but Antwaan's is more specific, mentioning how it came from the 1/12/2002 East-West Shrine Game. Antwaan was one of four East QB's in that game, along with Kurt Kittner and future kick return extraordinaire Woody Dantzler (Seriously, does anyone else remember this play?):

That kickoff is the best of all time IMO...even better than this:

Anyway, West pulled out the victory behind Joey Harrington and J.T. O'Sullivan that day. But I could care less - it's just nice to know where the piece o' jersey came from! And more importantly, it's nice to pick up the normal version of a card for $2 when its parallel is going for $28.50 on COMC!

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  1. That's one sweet Rusty Kuntz PC addition... congratulations!