Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bazooka Contest: The Final Pack/Post

Final pack - will we see a tie, or will Hackenbush run away with this thing? You'll know in just a bit of scrolling!

"Are you in the habit of belching before your family?" - Most forced joke ever. I mean, a lot of Bazooka Joe jokes are terrible...but this one really takes the cake.


And Pack 9's contests are...
Bad News (for the rest of the field): Hackenbush wins since this pack was really random!

Good News (for me): This was my favorite pack by far! First of all, we did end up with a red parallel cards - it's the Matt Williams here. Second of all, I LOVE Carlos Delgado, especially as a Catcher, and this card is practically his rookie card (he had one at bat in 1993). So doubly awesome, and my two favorite cards of the break - not a bad pack!

So 2nd cards for the Giants, Blue Jays, and Padres, 3rd card for the A's, and 4th card for the Indians. That puts CalJr3000 in 2nd with 4, but it is, of course, the end of the break, so Hackenbush pulls out the victory with 4 more cards for his team than anyone else (you called it Cal - the Braves and Indians were hot in the mid 90's!).

I'll email you Hackenbush and we'll work something you for your winnings. Everyone else, thanks for playing, and I hope you liked the contest! Better luck next time!

Final Standings:
Atlanta Braves (Hackenbush) - 8
Cleveland Indians (CalJr3000) - 4
New York Mets (...Joe) - 3
New York Yankees (Jordan) - 3
Oakland Athletics (Bo) - 3
Baltimore Orioles (McCann Can Triple) - 2
Chicago Cubs (Cubsfan31) - 2
Cincinnati Reds (FanofReds) - 2
Los Angeles Dodgers (Captain Canuck) - 2
St. Louis Cardinals (--David) - 2
Texas Rangers (Night Owl) - 2
San Diego Padres (madding) - 2
San Francisco Giants (ARPSmith) - 2
Toronto Blue Jays (Steve D) - 2
Florida Marlins (Wicked Ortega) - 1
Boston Red Sox (Steven M) - 1
Colorado Rockies (Don) - 1
Kansas City Royals (TJ) - 1
Montreal Expos (Dayf) - 1
Seattle Mariners (Mariner1) - 1
California Angels (Play at the Plate)
Chicago White Sox (Ba Benny)
Detroit Tigers (AdamE)
Houston Astros (Cam)
Milwaukee Brewers (mvp23)
Minnesota Twins (mmmrhubarb)
Philadelphia Phillies (Dan)
Pittsburgh Pirates (henchmeister)


  1. Cool contest, buddy! Never count out Cleveland's ability to tank a contest, even when it's a contest to determine which city is Cleveland.

  2. That was the closest the Mets have come to winning anything all year! Thanks for the contest dude!

  3. Great contest, I can't believe I got shut out with the White Sox.