Thursday, October 7, 2010

These Cards are ELECTRIC (My Newest COMC Lot)!

Welcome to my newest lot of cards from COMC, brought to you by the guitar stylings of one Chuck G. Finley:
I like to picture him air guitaring Stranglehold by Ted Nugent. But you can imagine whatever amazing riffs you want, be they She Sells Sanctuary, Sweet Child of Mine...whatever. Can't really go wrong with any of those classics.

Now I picked up the Electric Diamond version of Finley's card because it was the only version available on COMC. But I think it's only fitting to have the Electric version of that Finley card - makes it rock a lot harder.

Now this pickup wasn't all rock and roll - some of it involved building my Rich Hill Heroes Rainbow a bit. And that I did, picking up 6 new parallels, including a jersey card:
It's hard to tell on the jersey, but it actually has a stripe on the very left hand side of the jersey window, which is cool. And I'm now just three base parallels away from completing the base cards, which is doubly cool!

I then decided to tackle some of my random wants (of which Finley was one), and so my next stop was some autos of late 90's/early 00's Boston sports legends. Now I use the term legend loosely, because these guys aren't generally the ones you read about in the record books, but they'll stick around in my mind for a lifetime thanks to what they accomplished when I was younger:
That'd be a J.R. Redmond auto (#'d 1461/1610, he caught 3 balls for 24 yards on the game winning drive when the Pats beat the Rams in the Super Bowl), a Troy O'Leary Auto (one of the better Red Sox guys in the late 90's, and also hit the game winning homerun in the Expos game I saw as a kid) and Israel Alcantara (never did much at the major league level, but he is the guy who karate kicked a catcher and then charged the mound in a minor league game).

I further picked up a few more Boston favorites of my youth, though none of these are autos:
Paxton Crawford (had promise, but apparently it was all steroids, bummer), Dan Klecko (the back of the card describes how he plays with "smoldering intensity"), and Patrick Pass (amazing football name, even though he's not a QB).

So those are some of the cool cards I picked up. I hope I didn't lose any of you guys since they're all player collections and home team stuff. So I have to ask - is everybody having fun?
Oh, well Robert Edwards is anyways. This is easily one of the coolest cards I've ever seen - ball pit + cardboard = clear genius!

Moving on, with or without you, we have Tony Pena Jr., whose transition from SS to RP was tracked by me for a while on this site:
Unfortunately I kind of fell off the boat with regards to that tracker, and a look at his stats now show that Tony sort of fell off as well. His final stats for the year at AAA include 24 games where he gave up 23 runs (22 earned). That gave him a 6.60 ERA, due largely to a .312 BAA. In other words, bummer/bad year. But he was decent at AA, so maybe next year he'll improve and eventually see the majors?

Two more cards, and these are two of my favorites (and both relics). The first is a jersey piece of Charlie Batch, who I loved to watch play when he was with the Detroit Lions:
I actually really like the design of this card - simple, but elegant at the same time. I think so anyways.

The other card, which I've wanted for a while, is this dual jersey card of Eric Milton and Joey Mays:
Both Milton and Mays went to the All Star Game in 2001 (Milton's jersey piece is from an All Star Game jersey), with Mays actually leading the league in ERA+ for the season. In other words, the Twins probably had a lot of hope for their team!

Unfortunately Mays was hurt the next year and was never the same as a pitcher, while Milton was below average the next year and never really returned to his 2001 success. I was a big Mays fan in 2001, and I liked Milton as well, so this card sort of serves as a memory of the great season that both guys had back then. So I like it a lot, and it quickly becomes (as I guess they all do) one of my favorite jersey cards!

Side note: After checking Baseball Reference, I realized that Mays and Milton reunited in 2006 with the Reds for a little bit. It wasn't a good reunion - Mays was awful in 7 games and Milton was slightly less awful in a lot more games, but it's still cool that they got to pitch on the same team later on in their careers.

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  1. Nice pick ups. I don't have that Robert Edwards card. I'll have to change that.