Friday, October 8, 2010

2007 Topps - Devern Hansack Error?

On the front we have two pretty normal looking cards. A rookie of 5 inning no hitter legend Devern Hansack, and a random card of Mr. Josh Beckett.

Beckett's card, flipped over, looks normal:

Hansack's does not (you may need to zoom in):
His only stat line is from 2006 with Portland, but it reads 2000 and Devil Rays, even though it's a 2007 card (meaning 2006 should probably be the year there). Hansack actually never even played for the Devil Rays, as he was in the Astros organization before joining the Red Sox. He spent 2000 pitching in the Venezuelan Summer League, making this card's back a liar. Nevertheless, it's a cool little error.

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