Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trade with a Beckett Store: Rainout Sportscards

When I put up my Trade Bait a few weeks ago, I mentioned that a few cards from it had already vanished in a very awesome trade. That trade was this one with Rainout Sportscards, which is now the second Beckett Store that I've traded with.

Now trading with stores online is kind of crazy - some say no to trades when you email, others ask for very specific cards that they want, and still others want like 10 times the book value for the cards you want. I got lucky this time around and found a store that only wanted slightly higher book value than the cards I wanted, which resulted in some awesome cards for me!

So in a 3 cards that I didn't personally value as much as BV did for 4 cards deal, I picked up 4 beautiful shirts for my 2005 Leaf Shirt Off My Back set:
The Dunn and Crosby are short prints, and the Dunn and Hunter have stripes in the jersey window (Hunter's is on the very left of the shirt so it's a bit hard to see in the scan). More importantly though, I just picked up 1/9th of this set in one fell swoop, and all of the cards look great! So I really couldn't be happier with my side of this trade!

So for all the rest of you, I highly recommend trying the trading with an online store route at least once in your blogging life. You'll technically get less by book value standards almost every time (after all, they have to profit somehow), but as many of us bloggers know, it's not about book value - it's about how much you like the cards you receive. And based on that metric, I made out like a bandit on this trade!


  1. I've never seen this set before... but it sure is sweet! I'll have to chase down a Crosby card for my PC. Best of luck on the completion of your set.

  2. This post inspired me try a trade with a Beckett store. Ended in failure haha. I didn't feel like paying $7.50 for a jersey card excluding shipping so I offered up some Chicago players to the store. It ended when I said I had no Derrick Rose autos...

  3. Aww man, bummer! Keep on trying - I've gotten a bunch of no's, but the 3 yes's were well worth it!