Monday, October 11, 2010

Bazooka Contest - Packs 1 & 2

Now that we're all full up, it's time to start this thing! I figured since there are 9 packs in all, I'd break things down into 5 posts, with 2 packs per post to start and an additional post for the final pack. Adds a little drama and lets me drag out the contest, which is all good to me!

I'll start Pack #1 (and every pack actually) with a look at the cartoon that came with the gum. Not the gum mind you - it was made in 1993 and had weird spots on it, and I really didn't want it touching my scanner.

That said, I did actually try the gum, and it's still remarkably chewy...which is scary. Needless to say, I spit it out about 10 seconds later. Pretty sure I have Cancer now.

Anyways, I love the cartoons in Bazooka Joe, and always have - I even had a collection of these going at one point and probably got close to all 50. That collection is gone now sadly, but they'll still fun to read:
Heh heh heh, that Mort, what a stud. I never did totally understand his getup.

Here are the cardboard contents of pack 1, listed in the order they (literally) came out:
Some of those older packs did half the pack one way, half the pack the other way. 1995 Bazooka has cards thrown in every which way, and the Mitchell and Lofton were actually upside down. Crazy! Plus you get that game piece insert.

But all that really matters to you guys is which teams were pulled. So out of this pack, we had:
- 2 Reds (Deion and Kevin)
- 1 Royal (Montgomery)
- 1 Indian (Lofton, who is rated on the back of the card as 10 speed AND 10 defense. Nice)
- and 1 Brave (McMichael, great mid 90's Braves reliever)

So looking good FanofReds! Let's see if pack 2 was as nice to you:
I never liked the RAPS as much as the cartoons, and this one's actually creepy since you can't tell if the guy on the far right is wearing shorts. I do like the Fortune here though - "He who laughs last obviously didn't get the joke." Lolz all around.

The pack, in a less tricky presentation:
That'd be:
- 1 Met (Franco)
- 1 Ranger (Palmer)
- 1 Dodger (Wallach)
- 1 Oriole (Hoiles)
- and 1 Brave (Glavine)

Only repeat team so far is a Brave, putting Hackenbush at 2. That ties him with FanofReds on the leader board after 2 packs. Will either of these fellows end up winning the contest? Or will one of the other 26 teams come back with a vengeance? Stay tuned to find out over this next week!

Current standings after 2 of 9 packs:
Atlanta Braves (Hackenbush) - 2
Cincinnati Reds (FanofReds) - 2
Baltimore Orioles (McCann Can Triple) - 1
Cleveland Indians (CalJr3000) - 1
Kansas City Royals (TJ) - 1
Los Angeles Dodgers (Captain Canuck) - 1
New York Mets (...Joe) - 1
Texas Rangers (Night Owl) - 1
Boston Red Sox (Steven M)
California Angels (Play at the Plate)
Chicago Cubs (Cubsfan31)
Chicago White Sox (Ba Benny)
Colorado Rockies (Don)
Detroit Tigers (AdamE)
Florida Marlins (Wicked Ortega)
Houston Astros (Cam)
Milwaukee Brewers (mvp23)
Minnesota Twins (mmmrhubarb)
Montreal Expos (Dayf)
New York Yankees (Jordan)
Oakland Athletics (Bo)
Philadelphia Phillies (Dan)
Pittsburgh Pirates (henchmeister)
San Diego Padres (madding)
San Francisco Giants (ARPSmith)
Seattle Mariners (Mariner1)
St. Louis Cardinals (--David)
Toronto Blue Jays (Steve D)


  1. No Red Hot inserts in these. If anybody has any of them I need #'s RH- 7,9,20,and 22 to finally finish the set.

  2. There may be some later on. Cards on Cards did a break of these a while back and he said they were seeded about 1 in every 6 packs. So I'd expect at least 1 here.

  3. If I had opened those, there would have been no Rangers and 4 Angels. Go figure!