Friday, November 5, 2010

Beardy Comes Through, Plus a Giant LaCock!

Good mail day today - 2 packages, with plenty of cool cards. Figured they showed up together so I might as well post them together!

First is the remnants of a Beardy trade that we agreed upon a long time ago. Of course, then he had to go and get married (pfffffft, the nerve of the guy, AMIRITE?) and delay this card getting into my hands. INEXCUSABLE! RARRRRR!

Seriously though, thanks Beardy. Your 2010 A&G Rich Hill Auto...
will be greatly cherished by me. I just love the way Hill signs his autographs - so loopy!

As for the non-Beardy cards, those came courtesy of Beckett. The LaCock was the main focus, but I picked up four random cards to fill some wants of mine:
Clockwise from top left, and why I picked them up:
Harry Chappas - Fantastic name, and one I simply had to have.

Rolf Benirschke - A great name, but also a fun fact goldmine. Like, for instance, did you know he discovered that he had ulcerative colitis in the 1978 offseason, which led to him having his large intestine removed. Despite all that, he RETURNED TO FOOTBALL and kicked/punted until 1986, setting many Chargers records in the process. Ballsy, no? He also hosted Wheel of Fortune in 1989.

Pedro Martinez and Pat Hengten - Both League Leader cards from the 1995 set I'm collecting. No specific reason for these two cards other than the fact that they were the cheapest available from this seller. Figured I might as well make a dent in this tricky subset!

And now, the coup de grace, the giant LaCock, aka 1978 Royals Team Issue #10:
The card is the size of two regular sized cards put side by side (aka if you take the Pedro and Hengten above and rotate them 90 degrees, they'd be as tall as this card). There's nothing on the back, so there's really no way of telling that it's #10. But it is,! And I now only need 4 Pete LaCock cards to finish the master set - 2 minor league cards, one of these team issues from 1980, and a TCMA card. Nice!

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  1. Chappas was one of the players of all time.