Thursday, November 4, 2010

More Than Enough Hits from Enough Already

I recently sent Enough Already a flat rate box filled with lots of team goodies for him and his family, and he told me that they were pretty happy with what they got (Yay!).

The feeling is definitely mutual, as EA bestowed major generosity towards me with the package I received. It contained the second most hits I've ever gotten in one envelope (and the most in a trade package): 9 certified autos (11 total autos if you consider that 2 are duals), 3 relic cards, 2 patch cards, a serial numbered card, and some cool inserts/parallels to boot. So I'll show you what I got!

First, speaking of Boot, EA included this sweet dual auto of John David Booty and Sedrick Ellis that is numbered 16/99:
Neither one of the guys signs very well (S E, really Ellis?), but I've always found Booty to have a great name, and so I'm glad to finally have a card of his! I also like that he signs with his number - always a plus in any signature!

This next auto needs an introduction - the somewhat NSFW "Boats and Hoes" from Stepbrothers:

Relevance? Name only, as this sweet auto is none other than L.J. Hoes, numbered 182/300:
Excellent name, I love it! Apparently Hoes is in the Orioles minor league ranks, where he has switched to 2B. So get ready for some Hoes in your future Beardy!

I actually only owned one Manu Patch, but I like both of these better, especially the Sheff, though I don't know what CARL means. Anyone wanna fill me in? As for Ochocinco, clearly a name I one day needed to own.

Following the Sheff patch, I was totally blown away. Straight from the Random Wants list, and completing my 4th trifecta, we have a Bowman's Best Auto of Sheff:
Very crazy auto haha, and I'm super psyched to have it! As I noted above, I now have a trifecta of Sheff, which means a certified auto, relic, and rookie card of the guy. He now joins the ranks of Tyronn Lue, Seneca Wallace, and Rich Hill. Hopefully Fred McGriff or Michael Bishop will be next!

Now we get into some wackiness with this package. Two relic cards...both are totally random. The first is Robert Jarvik, the developer of the artificial heart:
Yup, he's got a baseball card, and it features some of his clothing. Crazy obscure/non-baseball related subject...but I love it!

The next card is less random by subject standards, but still pretty crazy. It's an Upper Deck Piece of Hollywood Pants Relic from the 2002 Movie "We Were Soldiers":
Based on the front, I had no idea who these pants belonged to. The back of the card, however, lets me know that they belong to "Mel," which assuredly means Mel Gibson since there were no other Mels involved in the making of "We Were Soldiers." That means I have a swatch of pants that was once worn by one of the craziest men on the planet. Awesome! Also, I never realized how deep the swatch windows were on these cards. It's literally like an inch from the face of the card to the material within that swatch - very random, as it just makes the card super thick for no reason.

Here's a Great Name of a Great Card - Radek Bonk, part of "The Bonk File" series:
I never thought Bonk was more than a great name, but apparently in 1994 he was being compared to Mark Messier, Eric Lindros, and Esa Tikkanen. Wow...I know two of those names, and they're really good, so this dude had some high hopes coming into the league. Regardless, I still just love his name. EA also sent a lot of other awesome names, but I'm trying to go do homework soon, so I'll just show off a few more images from the scan. You may seem them again someday anyway if I get back to the HOF portion of this blog!

Okay, last 2 cards I really love - a Drew Brees /199 and a Greg Maddux Cyberstats card:
Set help is always appreciated, especially when it's a star from a set, so I was really psyched to pull this card out. You'd think it would pale in comparison to all the Hoes and Booty I got in this package...but you'd be wrong! It's still just as cool!

Finally, as you've probably noted, I haven't shown nearly half the hits in this package. That's because some, while I like them a lot, might make other bloggers happier, so I'm throwing them up as trade bait. The major 6 of those cards are:
Edit: A ton of these cards are claimed - the Alan Rip Masters and Chin-Lung Hu are still available though.

Anyways, thanks a ton Enough Already! A lot of the cards you sent left me speechless, especially the Sheffield Auto which is tremendous - you definitely held up your end of the bargain on this trade! To other fellow bloggers, I highly recommend trading with EA, as the guy definitely knows how to make an awesome trade package!


  1. The Santa and Skinner would look great in my collection. I will find something for you if you are interested, I gotta do some digging.

  2. The "Carl" in the Marlins patch was in memory their 1st president, Carl Barger, who died before their inaugural season. I learned that from a sports quiz I was doing earlier in the yr about MLB retired numbers.

  3. 1st up... make sure to show off that Sheffield Trifecta!

    2nd... I'm actually building the Topps TV auto set... and can use the Felicia auto... as well as the twins dual autograph card. Check my bucket and lmk if you're interested in trading.


  4. Glad to be of service and Thank you again for the cards you sent! My kids will be busy for days with them!