Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Horizontal Cards - Which Way Do You Face Them?

Set Collectors don't count (for the most part) - I know many sets have wording on the back to settle this issue. But for horizontal cards with horizontal backs, which way do you tilt the card in your binders?

I see 3 options.

1. Left side down (this is my choice. Makes it feel even to me, like it starts at the bottom of the pocket. Also looks nicer when you turn the binder sideways):

2. Right side down (Feels odd to me since I start from the left, but I could certainly see it working fine):

3. No consistency. Didn't make a scan for this, but this is how my cards have looked in the past before my recent attempt to make things right. In other words, some horizontals are left, some are right...as long as they're in a binder it's all good. That's 3.

So how about it - which way do you store your horizontal cards? And as a follow up, do you store your horizontal cards all on the same page for better viewing?


  1. option 1, bottom to the right. unless the card company FIAL and prints a vertical back with the bottom on the opposite end

  2. Left side down always and forever. I am very OCD about this. If the card company is too stupid to print the backs the correct way then they should get their license yanked.

  3. Left side down. Always. I can't stand it when card companies print the backs in a way that hints that you should store them right side down. This is WRONG, card companies. WRONG!

  4. I make the back vertical when I put them in pages.

  5. Great post... something that I've thought about numerous times. I just go with what looks best. So I guess option #3.

  6. Exactly what mmmrhubarb said. This also annoys me (when card companies are not consistent.)