Friday, December 10, 2010

Best Seneca Wallace Custom Ever!

I recently sent some cards to Hey That's Mine.

He didn't think he had anything to pay me back in his trade bait.

So instead he custom made me the only current card of Seneca Wallace in a Browns jersey:
I think I made that exact motion with my hands after getting this card. As in, "YESSSSSS THIS CUSTOM RULES!" Plus it goes well with the other custom Seneca that Derek sent me a while back:
Makes the Browns jersey card sort of an update card, which is awesome. Especially since these are the only two Seneca 2010 cards I've seen since Topps and Panini didn't make any. So many thanks Derek - amazing job as always! And I'm all out of Peavys so your mailbox is safe for now haha - but I'm sure we'll trade again before you know it!

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