Sunday, December 5, 2010

Trading with Call of Cardboard is Easy as pee-AY

Felix Pie, that is.

When I first discovered that The Call of Cardboard was looking for a number of Red Sox cards, I just had to see if I had anything he needed. I sure did (including some cool Jim Rice cards), and once I emailed him and told him this a trade was in the works. I made it kind of tricky for him to plan a return package, as a lot of his initial package was going to be Albert Belle, and I just happened to stop collecting Belle maybe a few days to a week after we started trade talks. But for a guy who was placed into a tricky spot, Call of Cardboard did send me several excellent cards in return, starting with this beautiful piece of 2003 Topps Pie:
I'm a Red Sox fan, but many bloggers are Orioles fans, and everyone around IU is a Cubs fan, which means I've heard a lot about Pie. Some good, mostly bad (due to unfulfilled potential), but I think he's cool because I love toolsy guys and his last name is Pie (I am easily amused). I also love stamped cards like this one, so I'm a big fan of this card all around.

Call of Cardboard also sent me a second slice of Pie, this one from 2004 Bowman:
Ooo Gold parallel. Ooo facsimile signature. Mmm Pie. Great card.

Finally, Call of Cardboard included one of the Albert Belles he had found since a) he knew I didn't have it and b) it looked really cool. It definitely didn't disappoint:
Sort of has a Pinnacle Aficionado feel to it if you guys know the set I'm talking about. I love this card though - so shiny, great images, great display of Belle's 110% effort at all times - fabulous card. Thanks a ton for all of these Call of Cardboard, and I hope you like your Sox!

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  1. Can you make out what it says on Pie's hat?