Monday, December 6, 2010

Scott Crawford's Turnaround is Quicker than a Ray of Light

Lately I've really begun to appreciate bloggers who have all of their trade bait listed online. No offense to those who don't, as it's a really time consuming task to list every card you don't need and I'm sure most people won't take the time to peruse such a list anyway. But for someone like me who could gaze over lists of cards for hours, having a very detailed tradelist is akin to browsing in a physical card shop. You never know what you'll find, but you'll always find a lot, and it'll always be pretty cool.

My latest browsing took me to the trade list of Scott Crawford of Cards!, he of the recent thousands-of-cards megatrade with Bo of Baseball Cards Come to Life! (who less recently had a megatrade with me as well). At first glance Scott had nothing to offer me in terms of my needs - no player collection help, no set help, no printing plates...heck not even a random player I needed. But I dug through his trade list and next thing you know I had 25 items that I couldn't live without. This is why we browse my friends. And here is what I picked out:

First is a very sane portrait photo with a very insane background - 2007 Upper Deck's Juan Perez:
The lighting effect sort of looks like a world-racing-by effect, which sadly or awesomely (depending on your preference), reminded me of the video for Madonna's 1998 comeback single:

I remember being pretty into that song as a 12 year old, not gonna lie. It was either that, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, or Korn for a large part of 1998. Ah the late 90's.

Next up are some oddballs that I wanted to check out. They're 4 different Fun Foods pins from 1984:
The fronts are pretty cool, but the backs are even cooler to me:
Hard to see, but it's got the FunFoods label, the number of the coin out of 133, and then the middle shows position and batting average. Simple, but one key stat in one small space. I didn't get any pitchers so I don't know their stat - I'd guess ERA or strikeouts, but I could be wrong. Regardless, I'm putting these in sleeves for now - not sure if I'll try to move them to other bloggers in the future though.

That's the other beauty of browsing through trade lists, by the way. It's a good way to pick up weird stuff that might be tradeable elsewhere. For example, my recent card show trade involved me giving up 3 cards, 2 of which I got as add-ins in blogger trades. You never know the mileage you can get out of random goodies!

However, this next card is very much not for trade. As a guy who took a Zombie Defense class my senior year of college, it's impossible for me to give up a card depicting a Zombie on it. So this 2007 A & G Aaron Harang is mine to keep:
As Zombie-esque as this scan looks, his image is even paler and living dead-looking in person. Absolutely love this card (And hey, Harang is now a San Diego Padre. So that's something).

I picked up another 2007 A & G card, which is featured with 8 other cards in my next scan:
Other favorites here include the sweet 1986 Bob James Sportflics in the middle right (awesome neckbeard + pudge), the Jose Cruz MLB Showdown card (I was actually sort of a Cruz fan for a while), the Carl Crawford 2010 Topps Card of the Year Nominee, and the epic 1993 UD Pudge card that Scott himself profiled around a week ago. All great cards!

Another 9 cards I got focused mostly in the Bowman area, and here those are:
Jared Burton is a favorite Power Pros player of mine, so I had to have him. The Flores and Hughes RC's are both really cool but also really future trade bait, as are (likely) the Abe Chrome card and the entire bottom row of cards (though I like the Nomo a lot so we'll see). The Kershaw XRC is for me though - I love the Bowman cards that only feature one year of minor league stats, aka truly the start of a guy's career.

24 out of 25 items up until now, which means this next card is the last one. So I'll leave you with it, which reminds me a lot of the robot penises joke from Family Guy back in the day:
Thanks for the awesome cards Scott!

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  1. I got a few 1999 Justs from Scott as well that I will be posting soon. I passed on that one because it was one of like three that I had already.