Thursday, January 20, 2011

Conversation with My Girlfriend, AKA Cup Card #33

*SpastikMooss shuffles through cards looking for stuff to send BA Benny*
*Finds 1992 Trax #71 Dave Marcis Card.*
*Is intrigued*

SM: Hey Girlfriend! What's the object in front of the guy on this card?

Girlfriend: Ugh. *Takes card* This guy?

SM: No, this guy.

Girlfriend: You mean that little silver thing? Looks like a thermos.

SM: Nice.

Girlfriend: Nice? Wait, please don't tell me you collect cards with thermoses on them.

Me: Well, really cups. Drinking cups, Gatorade cups, Gatorade coolers...but this counts too.

Girlfriend: Ugh.

*End Scene*

Welcome to the club Dave Marcis. First thermos of the collection, and first non-MLB card of the collection as well. I'm excited, even if my girlfriend isn't!


  1. Hmmm, I wonder if basketball cards ever have cups on them. Maybe it would be a chance to throw a few your way.

    Also, not a card I have, but I came across an image recently of Pete Vuckovich - 1984 Fleer. Cup card.

  2. I bet you're right, probably are a few. If you find any I'll always gladly take em!

  3. I love it! Dave Marcus is a great legend in Nascar too so that card is great for your collection. That gives me an Idea to look at some other sports for cup cards for you.

  4. Bro... you never cease to amaze me. Keep up the great posts!

  5. Do you have this one...

  6. Haha not yet. On my way to it though!