Friday, January 28, 2011

Cup Cards from BA Benny, AKA Tim Robbins on Cardboard? AND BEER!

After coming into 2 Mets Printing Plates a little while back, I knew I had to talk to BA Benny to see if he'd have an interest in them. He did, and we very quickly hammered out a trade which ended up with him receiving the content's of this post and me getting enough stuff for two posts!

You see, while I could probably make his trade all one post, it's hard to justify that with the amount of images I want to use in this first one, highlighting all of the cup cards that BA Benny added to my Drinking Out of Cups collection. He added a whopping 8, and they're some of the zaniest I've seen thus far, so I thought they definitely deserved their own post. I hope you guys agree!

Saving the best for...first...we start off with a simple enough Boris Diaw card:
The "cup," which you all likely noticed, is the water bottle to his right on the floor. Obviously my definition of cups has gone from styrafoam cups only to basically any kind of liquid in a container at all, and I like to think my collection is better for it:
Better yet though - did you notice the man who's feet this cup sits at? Look up, my friends. Is that Tim Robbins?
Robbins spends a ton of time in New York and goes to tons of Mets games and Rangers games, so taking in a Knicks game isn't out of the question (see kid in Mets hat for reason I think this is in New York and not Charlotte). If I am correct, then this is the 3/7/09 game between Charlotte and New York that Diaw's Bobcats won 114-105, thanks to 22 points from Diaw and 23 from Gerald Wallace. So if that is Tim Robbins sitting courtside, then he probably wasn't too pleased with the outcome of this game. But hey, random celebrity lurkers (copyright GCRL?) on cardboard is awesome.

Diaw was one of two basketball cards in the package, making these the first two basketball cards in my cup collection. This cups a bit trickier to spot:
See it? It's to the left of his numbers, and sort of looks like Louis C.K. boozin':
It isn't Louis C.K. (I just got overzealous after finding maybe-Robbins), but it's still cool. Alcohol on cards is a rarity, and so any time it seems to appear is a good time.

Like on this David Green card, where no one can deny there is booze a foot! Because while you all may have noticed the plastic bottle Green is holding in his hand:
I noticed the Busch can behind the bottle in the background:
First verified sighting (for me anyway) of booze on cardboard. Which is too cool, and brings to mind a new mission for you all from me. Find me a can of PBR (Dennis Hopper would be proud) on cardboard. First person to do so gets...something really nice. I don't know what yet, but definitely nice. Honorable mention goes to any Colt 45 findings (because Billy Dee needs some lovin' too).

No booze on the rest of these cards, but two more NASCAR cards from BA Benny featuring crazy amounts of product placement. Jeff Burton:
And Kevin Harvick:
I forgot that beverages were such a central element of the NASCAR victory celebration, and as such there are probably tons of these celebrations caught on cardboard. I'll gladly take them all, and many kudos to BA Benny for thinking of this when he made my package. That kind of thinking shows real hutzpuh, which I admire.

Rounding this out, we'll get back to a few cup cards of the baseball variety. First a card I have, but in set form that I didn't want to break, so I'm glad BA Benny sent it. Mr. Jose Offerman:
I really like the trashed Gatorade cup in front of the cooler. Adds a very classic western, tumbleweeds blowing in the breeze kind of feel. The lone cup.

And keeping that Gatorade cooler in the bottom left corner of the card theme alive, we have Lenny Dykstra:
And Steve Finley, who's Angel career I had forgotten about:
And there you have my newest 8 cup cards. Not too shabby - 1 new sport, 1 celebrity, booze, and Jose Offerman to boot. Some time in the next few days I'll give you a peek at the other stuff BA Benny sent me too!

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  1. Nice catch on the Tim Robbins, I didn't see that so bonus for you. My favorite was the Nascar David Green where you get two different beverage containers for the price of one. Glad you liked them.