Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Final Seneca Purchase #7, Plus Seneca Headaches

Finally this absurdly awesome Seneca lot comes to an end. And to honor this, I figured I'd share a few of the nicer cards, all of which have 75 in the numbering.

One #'d to 750, with a nice chunk of football:

And a college jersey piece #'d to 75 (gotta love the college jerseys since most of Seneca's are event worn):

My headache right now is that I have every card listed online, with my collection currently at 107 (105 true cards + 2 customs). Beckett lists Seneca as having 287 cards, so add the 2 customs and that means I'm chasing 289 for a master set. Problem is, somewhere between my blogger list, the beckett list, and an excel file of what I need, I somehow keep coming up with 290 cards. I cannot figure out where that extra card is...something is afoot...

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