Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blowout Comes Through Again - Now with a /25 Seneca!

Just because the big Seneca purchase is over doesn't mean there won't be more Senecas. Especially with /25 rarest parallel of a sets falling into my lap like this one.

See, when I was searching for Plates a while back, I came across a post where a guy was trying to trade a Seneca Wallace Quad JSY/FTB #'d 25/25 on Blowout. No one took him up on this, so I messaged him (like 4 months later) to see if he still had it. He did and wanted Michigan players, much like our friend Dennis of Too Many Grandersons. I sent him 2 Rich Hills (neither that Dennis needed), and in return got this beauty:
It's weird since the windows are really small, but it also is really cool to have so many pieces in a card!

And the back is doubly (triple-y? quadruple-y?) cool:
The best part for me aside from picking up a super rare Seneca card is that Rex Grossman actually grew up in Bloomington, IN, aka where I currently reside. This is my first card of his, and it's a nice one to have! So thanks Blowout for another great deal!

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