Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It really does exist - 2002 Pacific Heads Up Bledsoe/Brady/Brown/Pass

Most of the items on my random wants list have a short shelf life. Either a blogger trades me the card, or I buy the card, or I decided I don't really need a Rafer Alston auto, and the card goes away.

Some cards, however, remain there indefinitely. And with the case of two cards before today, I wasn't sure if they even existed.

The cards? 2002 Pacific Heads Up Quad Jersey Bledsoe/Brady/(Troy) Brown/(Patrick) Pass and 2001 Titanium JSY Ben Gay /75. Never seen either card online, even listed on a website or something. The only proof of existence was a Beckett listing, and even then there wasn't an image. Maybe Beckett just made the cards up? Sounded legit to me since I hadn't seen these after months and months of looking.

Then today I went to the Blowout Forums and asked if the Heads Up card existed. About a half hour later, another forum member said he may have found it. Surely enough, on Ebay Singapore there was an auction that ended 1/1/11 featuring the Gold version #'d 42/45. And there was an image as well, in all of its glory:
For non relic fans and non Pats fans, this card probably doesn't mean much. But for a person who was all Patriots fan back when they were lovable underdogs, who saw Brady lead the team after Bledsoe's injury, who saw Troy Brown even suit up on defense when we needed him, and who loves great names (Pass had to fit in there somewhere haha), this card is totally awesome. I doubt I'll ever see another version of it again, base or gold parallel, but damn...just seeing scans of it is pretty nice.

So the card will remain on my random wants list, even more so now that I know I'm not chasing a ghost. Which is more than I can say for the Ben Gay card...but maybe that'll turn up as well?

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