Saturday, March 5, 2011

Just in Today: My Second Seneca Wallace Plate!!!!!!!! Plus I now have 100 Senecas!

As I mentioned a while back, I purchased 20 Seneca Wallace cards for far more money than I had ever spent on a lot of cards before. All were great - autos, relics, /25, /50, etc., but the coup de grace was the Pristine Press Plate that I would be getting, as that was the whole reason I found the cards in the first place.

Well a month later the package wasn't coming and I kept emailing the guy and we both seemed to fear the worst. He told me to give it until today before we'd think about other options.

And then sure enough, after a month and a half of waiting, a giant bubble mailer sat in my mailbox today. Tear in the mailer that was masking taped shut, which scared me, but luckily every card was in a holder and they were taped into a nice little brick, keeping them all safe and sound.

I pranced (literally) into my apartment like Charlie Bucket...I mean I just bumped my Seneca collection by 25% in one fell swoop, and all the cards are amazing! You'll see them all in time, likely drawn out since I've been scanning forever these past two days and I don't want to scan Senecas right now. But I had to scan the plate for you all to see. It's my second Seneca Plate, and oddly my second Cyan Seneca Plate:
Nice, no? I think the splatter on back of the Plate is kind of Nickelodeon Guts-esque, which is interesting. I dig it though, hopefully some of you do too!


  1. Ahhh, the days when Nickelodeon was still awesome! haha

  2. Plates get a lot of hate, but I really like them. Very nice card. :)