Monday, March 14, 2011

My Third Seneca Plate is Here

I recently mentioned on the Blowout Forums that I was chasing Seneca Wallace Printing/Press Plates (Side note: do you all know the difference? A press plate is the opposite image, while a printing plate is the same image. Knowledge is power). Much to my surprise, the only other active Seneca collector I know offered me his only plate. A few days after I sent him some paypal, his 2007 Topps Total Yellow Plate was in the mail. Here it is with its new friends:

And here it is in its Yellow glory:

This plate rules for many reasons, but two stick out to me. For one, I now have a plate from every year that Seneca has been featured on a card - one 2003, one 2007, and one 2009. Secondly, this purchase marks the first transaction between me and bradical, who as I mentioned is Seneca's other major player collector. Since he has doubles of another rare card and I've picked up doubles before, I wouldn't be surprised if we made another deal in the future. Until then, however, I'm just thankful that he sent the plate to me since I now have 3 of Seneca's 20 plates. And considering that I only know the whereabouts of 2 other plates (1 in a personal collection, 1 is lost in the mail), then that's pretty impressive!


  1. 2011: SpastikMooss buys 3rd Seneca Wallace plate
    2012: SpastikMooss/robot comprised of Seneca Wallace plates defeat Obama for presidency
    2013: SpastikMooss/robot comprised of Seneca Wallace plates cure cancer
    2014: Skynet goes online
    2020: BA Bennynator goes back in time to destroy all Seneca Wallace plates