Thursday, March 17, 2011

We interrupt the Seneca Posts for...COMC Seneca Posts!

Thought some of you might be getting bored with all my Seneca Wallace cards lately, so I decided to post a few cards I picked up on COMC recently.

Only problem? They're all Senecas. So...that solves nothing.

Here goes!

First is another parallel from Leaf Certified Materials. This is the red version, #'d to 150 and featuring 2 materials:
I think this parallel set is fun:
First one (#'d to 1250) has one jersey piece in a shield window (I own it).
Red (above) has a jersey and a football.
Blue (#'d to 50, which I also have) has a jersey, football, and shoe.
Gold has 4 pieces (jersey/shoe/helmet/football) and is #'d to 25.
Emerald (which I've never seen) is #'d to 5 (looks to be a nicer version of Gold based on this Boldin card).
And the 1/1 Black version has 4 pieces (including an NFL shield, shoe, and helmet piece) along with a sticker autograph.
I'd like to get them all, but up to the /5 would be fine too!

Next we have a far more boring parallel - a Playoff Honors card #'d to 700:
My other card and this card look almost identical besides numbering (the other is #'d to 25), gold tinting, and an X's designation in the bottom right hand corner. There's an O's parallel as well.

And then we have a slightly more reasonable parallel - SPX Team Logos edition, #'d 129/250:
I also own the base NFL shield/350. There is also a Patches version (/75), a Logo Spectrum version (/50), and a very patriotic American flag version (/25). These are sort of fun to chase since the swatches are so big and the weird rubbery piece changes with each card. I can't wait to see what the other versions look like, especially the patch/75!

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