Monday, March 21, 2011

The Seneca Purchase #5: A Whole Bunch of Parallels, Both Silly and Awesome

Some parallels are very silly. A slight color change here...a slight addition here...weird stuff.

Exhibit A: Change 2 face mask pieces to one face mask piece. Keep the print run the same (350):

Exhibit B: Add a football lace to the card and the card goes from /250 to /25:Seriously. That white stripe on the upper card makes the card soooo much more valuable. It is pretty cool though. First football lace I've seen in a card.

Exhibit C: Remove the blue shininess for the base card:
Surprisingly not that bad. But certainly way better when that grey area is a very bright blue!

Clearly, not all parallels are created equal. Here are some of the nicer ones I picked up, like a Bowman Chrome Xfractor - everyone likes those:
Little squares of shiny = cardboard excellence. You heard if here first fifteenth.

Sometimes the difference is just a slight touch of gold. Like with these Fleer Focus cards:
Or this Finite jersey (the base card isn't numbered, this is #'d to 25):

Or finally, sometimes the difference just means signing your autograph in a different colored pen:
The final card is wacky to me - Seneca has 2 green pen (#'d, no #), two blue pen (#'d, no #), one black pen, and one red pen parallel. I wonder if there was ever a set that used a wider array of color parallels for their autographs - maybe the entire rainbow, or 64 colors like those boxes of crayons. Could you imagine having 62/64 of the set completed, chasing only tickle me pink and neon green? Now THAT would be an autograph set.

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