Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Proof that Forums Rule (This Time of the SCF Variety)

Something that seems to be happening more and more lately: I had a nice card that somebody wanted for their own collection. They offered a SICK Seneca Wallace Uncirculated Gold Xfractor /50, which sells for about $30 a pop. I wanted that plus a little cash. Negotiations led to the deal being my one sick card for the Seneca plus 10 scrub hits of Browns and Patriots, plus 4 throw in cards. AKA one card for one MAJOR pc need and what turned out to be 14 other hits. Not too shabby, huh?

The prize is definitely the Uncirculated Seneca, which as usual looks way less cool in scan form than it does in real life:
This card also makes me especially happy because my "base" version of the Finest Auto /999 has a pretty weak signature as far as Seneca goes. This signature is far darker and far better, so it's nice to finally have a version of this card that does Seneca justice.

And with that we move on to the former Browns:
Clockwise: Charlie Frye RC Jsy /599, Brady Quinn JSY, another Quinn JSY, Derek Anderson JSY /199, Anderon Patch /25, Paul Hubbard Auto /499.
Not pictured: A Braylon Edwards jsy w/ stitching out of /250, which I will let Too Many Grandersons show you guys.

This first part of my trade bounty is obviously not as neat for most of the rest of you, but it's pretty great to me! For one, a sick part of me has always wanted a Brady Quinn jersey - now I have two! For two, a lot of these might be good bait for my "LCS" in Akron, especially the Frye since he's a local boy.

Most of all though, the Anderson is too effin sweet. Here's a close up view of the card with patch a bit more detailed:
If you have the card in hand and tilt it, you can actually see more stitching on the right side of the patch underneath the card. In other words, I have both sides of the white letter part in this card, which is pretty epic in my opinion. I think this card will go excellent with my Kevin Johnson patch from way back when, and might convince me to start a notable Browns patch collection, especially since I have another one coming in the mail soon!

Of course I also picked up some Patriots, what with them being my other favorite team. Very Chad Jackson heavy:
Clockwise: Chad Jackson Used Helmet /110, Corey Dillon JSY /55, a Jackson jersey, and a huge Jackson JSY /50.

Remember Jackson? It's okay if you don't - after being drafted with the 4th pick in the 2nd round in 2006 and scoring 3 touchdowns as a rookie, he only made 1 catch over 6 games in the next two years before leaving the NFL. He actually recently signed on to play in the UFL this coming year, along with bigger names Willie Parker, Colt Brennan, Pat White (aka former Dolphin QB and Royals OF), J.J. Arrington, Ryan Moats (a personal favorite of mine), and Hank Baskett. It's kind of funny to read a list like that and realize I have jersey cards of most of those players - I guess that shows my tastes more than anything.

Regardless, I just think it's neat to have a used helmet card. I think I have one with Seneca but the swatch window is smaller so it's not as obvious. This one is a very unique addition to my collection.

Finally, the throw ins. Technically one of the Brady Quinn jerseys was a throw in (in a top loader no less), but the other three, after me mentioning how I thought this guy was cool, were Isaiah Stanback autos:
I JUST posted about buying one for $3 on Blowout and how I sort of regretted it. I still don't, but this package did make it a bit more regrettable since I now have 4 autos of the guy in two quick packages. Do I smell a new PC? Probably not since Stanback has 190 autos to collect. His collection is sort of like Seneca Wallace's but crazier. 70.3% of Seneca's cards are serial numbered and 17.5% are autos. For Stanback those numbers bump up to 82.3% serial numbered and a whopping 46.4% of the master set is autos. And that's with 100 more cards than Seneca has already and only one card available on COMC. I'd say that PC would put you back a pretty penny.

Regardless, his autos are excellent, and I especially like the one from Sage Hit that features his college uniform:
A lot of people trash Sage, and I don't know why. I think the cards are kind of neat usually, and I like seeing the players in college uniforms from time to time. I get that the constant sticker use of Sage is annoying, but I do think the stickers look better than most of what Panini and Topps put out. So send me your Sage if you really dislike them that much - I will gladly take them hahaha.

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  1. Sage does have the best stickers, that is true.