Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back to WINNING! - 4 cards for $11 through Blowout

Yesterday's post made me pretty sad, so I'm glad a few packages showed up today to brighten the day. I actually sold a bunch of stuff recently through a few deals on Blowout, and so I ended up with $100 Paypal burning a hole in my wallet. Some went to my checking account of course...but much of the rest went back to cards, including this sweet 4 for $11 deal!

Card 1 is the epitome of Winning. It was initially picked up as trade bait for a number of Seneca Wallace card holders I know (those Blowout Seahawks fan bought some nice Senecas back in the day), but in hand I'm sort of tempted to keep it. For $3 of the $11, I picked up this sweet Deon Butler Patch 23/99:
3 colors, nice little bend in the lettering there - this is a pretty swanky card. And it's the best patch I've seen on the /99 version after some digging - 1, 2, 3, and 4 all pale in comparison to this baby. So I'm not so sad if this doesn't get dealt - this is a trade bait purchase I wouldn't mind getting stuck with haha.

The real focus of this purchase (and intention for my paypal) was to acquire new Senecas. Here's the one I picked up in this deal - an 03 Fleer Authentix Club Box parallel, #'d 043/100 @ $3:
$3 for a Seneca serial #'d card is a steal, let alone one /100 or under. I had actually never seen this parallel version online before either, so I was quick to jump on it once this card popped up. The variations are all red, as in the letters under the numbers at both top and bottom, and the words "Club Box" in the middle. And like my other version the middle portion slides out, which is still really unique to me.

The most questionable $3 I spent here was on a sticker auto of another QB/WR hybrid guy - Isaiah Stanback:
I've wanted an auto of his for a while, and $3 is about as cheap as his hits run, so I'm happy with this purchase. Stanback was a Seahawk last year after bouncing around with the Cowboys and Patriots, and I'm a big fan of the guy. He made the full switch from college QB to WR, and I've always had an affinity for those guys who debate the position switch (Tory Woodbury, Eric Crouch, Antwan Randle El, etc.) which helps explain a lot of my love for Seneca, particularly since he keeps fighting the switch. Every time he starts a game at QB I like to think he wins one for all the Stanbacks and Randle Els who were told that they couldn't be a QB at the professional level. So kudos to Seneca for that, and to Stanback for still working at the game he loves even if its not at his given position.

Finally, for a last minute $2 pickup, I got this nice dual prime jersey card of Braylon Edwards and Derek Anderson #'d 3/25, intended as trade bait for Too Many Grandersons:
Again, as with Butler, I won't be hurt if TMG doesn't need the card (Edit: But he did!)- the swatches here are pretty neat! Braylon's is a 2-color, while Derek's has some stitching which I seem to always talk about on this site. I swear I sometimes like plain stitching more than a pinstripe through the jersey window. I must be weird.

Anyway, I think I did pretty well there. Through Ebay that Seneca would've likely been $6-7, and that's before shipping, so it's sort of like I got the other 3 cards for $3. I'll take that any day!

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