Saturday, April 2, 2011

Second Purchase from HaZeOfGrEEn, first SCF purchase?

To boost my Seneca collection, I've recently joined Sports Card Forum. While I've already got some new trades/purchases with users in the works, my very first feedback rating actually comes from an old Blowout standby, known as HaZeOfGrEEn. He's awesome, always selling cheap relics and autos that I like. Plus this time he answered a post of mine about Senecas, offering me three that I needed (which is getting impressive since I have a lot of Seneca's easier to find stuff).

I picked up 5 cards in all - 4 paid for (well really one, the Senecas were free since he wanted to help me out) and one bonus. I'm only going to show the coolest Seneca since I've been killing you guys with him. So here that is - it's a Standing O rookie:
These cards are pretty neat, and come in two other variations - an embossed variation and an embossed die cut variation. The die cut embossed can be seen in this Kevin Johnson card that was my bonus card:
Kevin Johnson is one of my favorite Browns ever, so this was a fantastic card to toss in as a bonus. I love the raised ridges on the football "seams," as well as the jagged right edge. A very cool card of a very cool guy.

Finally we have the only card I technically paid for in the package. It's a 2002 jersey card of Quincy Morgan:
I picked this up for two reasons.
1. I like the Browns a lot (as well as the Patriots). Though I don't since I have bigger wants, I would collect Browns and Patriots relics and autos all day long if I could afford it. So a nice Quincy relic with lots of Brownie coloration is great in my book.
2. I'm starting to try and acquire trade bait cheaply. Not only do I want to restock for a future trade bait draft, but also I want to build up Browns to trade with my "LCS" and I want to collect Seahawks to trade with Fuji (for the Staley Auto) and Seahawks collectors on Beckett/SCF (they'll trade rare-r Seahawks for rare-r Seneca Wallace cards.

That said, if you have any rare-ish Seahawks or Browns...we should trade. Because then I'll get neat stuff, and hopefully you will too from my trade bait! Niiiiice!

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  1. Love your blog and thanks for joining SportsCardForum! I think you'll like our big and friendly community. I thing you'll find some Seneca Wallace cards you need among our members. I even have a Seneca Wallace card and I don't even collect football (except for a bit of vintage football), lol. Unfortunately, you already have the Seneca card that I have (2003 Topps Pristine #131 (but #'d 467/499).

    btw, fwiw I've added your blog to my blogroll. Thanks again, Tim!