Friday, April 15, 2011

SewingMachineGuy presented me with a Golden Opportunity

The SewingMachineGuy recently posted about how the common card sites aren't always the best place for deals. He's right you know - some of the best deals I've ever found were through second tier or lower sites, usually through random Google searches.

So after reading his post I randomly Google searched Seneca Wallace and came across two nice deals! I bought both, and here's the scans of each front along with a brief story for the purchase.

First an 03 Seneca/Antwaan Randle El Dual JSY Gold card /50:
The listing name focused on the card, not the players, so it didn't come up in my usual Seneca Wallace Ebay search. However this one was BIN, and much, much cheaper than the $28.50 + $3 shipping available on COMC. So I made an offer that was accepted and this cool parallel was mine!

The other pickup is one I've chased for a while - Seneca's 03 Sage Gold Parallel Auto, /160:
I have the bronze, red, and silver versions too. Next is...some color (I forget), but in the meantime I'm glad to finally own the Gold! This one actually did show up on my Ebay listing, but the Google search caught that this was a BIN card with a slightly dropped price. I made an offer that was accepted and got this card for well under the $16-18 it usually sells for on other sites, which was great!

So thanks a ton SewingMachineGuy! You probably didn't realize it, but your post got me two fantastic deals!

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