Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter! I'm celebrating with contest winnings, specificially half of my Mojo Beard Winnings!

I won this contest a while back and told you all.

Mojo is sending the Strasburg, but Beardy sent the rest...and damn it's cool. He even threw in a surprise edition - his Babe Ruth/Lou Gehrig/Yogi Berra/every other Yankee great that I don't hate + Ramiro Mendoza card:
This card rules, and when Beardy posted about it I think I laughed for a good twenty minutes. It's amazing. Nondescript front. The back tells you it was used in a game...ever. Doesn't even specify a Yankee. This could be a Shoeless Joe Jackson relic. This could be a Stephen Drew relic. This could be a Lance Zawadski relic. It's a white really could be anyone. Maybe Paul Reiser played in a celebrity game?

Anyway, I love this card. This relic could literally be from almost ANYONE. Maybe it's Fred McGriff? Maybe it's Eddie Gaedel? Maybe it's Honus Wagner? I'm gonna settle on that. This is a Honus Wagner jersey card. If you want it I will charge infinity million dollars. So there.

(Thanks Beardy!)

I also got real cards of real people that I like, including this bodacious jersey card of the original Pudge:
I recently traded a few of my Sox PC relics, so it's nice to reload on Boston awesomeness. I swear when my Seneca collection gets more complete I will start Boston collecting like crazy. Can't wait for that day!

Of course there was tons more stuff. Some I'm keeping...some is trade bait. Like this next image - Rios and Harden will stay...all others are bait:
I LOVE 10 Sterling, but don't care much for older players so Seaver does little for me. And I like Ortiz more than a lot of people, but he's still available. All but the Masterpieces are numbered BTW...even the Ryan is out of /199.

Speaking of's the 3 other cards I got:
The Perry is sexy, and I'm happy to have it but it's available. As for Posada...yuck take it. Sandberg is a happy, #'d to 100, in between. Still available, but not feel free to offer it you want it.

Thanks Mojo Beard! Part 1 was excellent...can't wait for that sexy Strasburg!


  1. Some great stuff there. I have one of those YSL relics but its wood. I like to think it's a Babe Ruth or Joe D. bat relic myself. I can use the Seaver, Ryan, Chamblis, and that ugly Posada jersey card. Shoot me an e-mail.