Monday, May 16, 2011

One man's trade bait is another man's PC

I recently picked up a bunch more trade bait on Blowout - specifically 14 more "hits," 12 of which will be going straight into my trade bait in anticipation of Trade Bait Draft 2. Even though the seller mentioned that all 14 cards were just a list he "randomly threw together," two of the cards ended up being cards I wanted at scrub auto/relic prices. I love when I can add cards I like at bottom of the barrel prices just because someone else views the player as a scrub!

The first card is a guy I used to collect before passing said collection on to the Collective Troll, Dewon Brazelton. I had 0 Brazelton cards in my collection before this package showed up, and I've never had an on-card auto of Brazelton's, so this is a neat card:
It's also #'d 0139/1500. The most important part is definitely the on-card auto though, as most of Brazelton's are sticker based on a quick search of the internet. The only other one I can find is an acetate Topps Pristine auto.

The other "scrub" auto was one of my main PC's now, Mr. Duce Staley:
This marks my third auto of Staley in under a month after going years without a Staley auto. He's only got 19 according to Beckett (that's wrong though, because I know of several autos they don't have listed), so my collection is coming along nicely!

Finally, here's a sneak peek at some of the new bait I picked up:
I particularly like the Tejada dual, because the workout jersey on the right is really cool. And the Exquisite auto is on very thick cardboard, plus it's shiny.


  1. Is it too early to reserve my spot in TBD2?

  2. Hahaha never! It'll be a little more expensive this time since I'm actually buying some of the cards, but you can totally call dibs. I'm hoping to pick up some more cards in purchases/trades in the next few days too!

  3. Hey dude, shoot me an email!

    joemiench at yahoo