Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I've now never lost a package...Plus the first few goodies from home

Got back to Bloomington today after a week home visiting the family. Ended up with a few packages in my mailbox...most of which were nice, but the weirdest of which was this:
I crossed out the addresses, but the stamp is there: Undeliverable as addressed. Which was weird, because the only package I ever sent out that didn't get there was to an Ebay buyer sometime last August. Oh wait, let's take a closer look:
Yup...08/06/10...aka last August. Nine months later, well after I issued a refund, this package made its way back into my hands. The sale wasn't for much - it was 10 copies of a Gaylord Perry/Ron Guidry card that I was bipped with once a time. But now I wonder...was it the buyers fault, aka is the address incorrect (he told me it was correct). Or was the package lost for all these months and marked undeliverable when they found it? Or weirdest of all, was the package lost for months and then delivered after the buyer had moved addresses? All these questions abound...but mostly I just wish this had gotten to its expected destination!

Needless to say, the Perry/Guidry card will be added to my trade bait list once again.

This post also begins my show and tell of what I brought back from home this time. First an oddball, from 1998 Topps Action Flats. It's the Barry Sanders from that set, which scans reasonably well for a collectible figure:
The figure is what they call it - flat. If I turned the Sanders 90 degrees, you would hardly see anything because this guy is very flat. I looked up the actual product and this originally came with a Sanders card, but I sent that to someone in a trade a long time ago. Needless to say it's a pretty neat piece, and I someday may make it available to some of the Lions fans I know out there.

Also, fun fact: there's also a Ryan Leaf in the set. Hilarious!

Finally, to finish off this post (because they say we have a tornado watch in effect right now and I don't want to risk blogging for too much longer), we have a few 1997 Metal Universe cards that I picked up. This first pair shows Ray Lankford in complete fear, either of Audrey 2 or Charles Johnson and his laser head gear:
The other card I'll display shows off Jose Mesa and a brain in a case:
Yeah, I don't get them either. But I love the absurdity of this set and can't wait until the entire thing is in a binder, so let's hope I can keep tracking these cards down!


  1. Wow. I never paid attention to the designs on those Metal sets. I have a bunch in a box, back in Georgia, and I'll have to give another look sometime. And bonus points for referencing a musical about a killer plant in a post about baseball cards!

    I've never heard of a package floating in limbo for the better part of a year, but I guess that's proof that it happens. Maybe the package I sent Greg will show up in another 7 months.

    Good luck with the storms. Watches never concerned me if I was indoors - it's the warnings you gotta worry about.

  2. Yeah the designs are crazy! 96 and 98 are okay, but 97 is the best, for both baseball and football! And thanks for the kudos on the reference - I hope your package shows!

    As for tornados...usually I don't care but with Joplin just a few days ago I'm not being too careful. Plus we keep switching from watch to warning and back - the news has admitted that they're not really sure what's up and that we should be on alert until 1 or 2am. It's pretty freaky right now!

  3. LMAO, those cards are gloriously insane. If there's one base set over 100 cards that I'll ever consider collecting, that's gotta be the one. Also affirmative on the Sandberg Headliner. There's a mildly amusing story of me suffering Headliner-related bodily harm I can tell once I have it to blog about, lol.

  4. lolol wow, that's a story I have to hear! I'll put him aside for ya then!