Friday, June 3, 2011

New Goodies from The Sandlot

A little while back, I posted some of my newer trade bait in anticipation of Trade Bait Draft 2. Joe of The Sandlot liked one of the cards posted so much, however, that he decided to trade for it now rather than let it sit around until the draft. So we talked specifics, worked out a little deal, and my package showed up a few days ago! Let's see what was inside!

The first card is pretty damn's a Zach Britton rookie card auto!
Okay, actually it's a Chris Britton rookie card auto:
But at first I got them confused (could you blame me?). Zach Britton is an up and coming rookie pitcher for the Orioles who might have a future in this league. Chris Britton was with the Orioles a few years ago before joining the Yankees, and is now pitching for the Lincoln Saltdogs of the American Association. He's famous for being underused by the Yankees and being one of the heaviest players in baseball (he was 275 pounds during his MLB years). Still a sweet sig though, and on a crazy cool acetate card!

Britton was intended as trade bait draft build up, and I also added another hit with this Stephen Drew relic card, featuring a pin stripe:
It's one of those barely there pinstripes, but I like the look of this card a lot, and it's of a pretty decent player for the surprising DBacks. I'm thinking this will go sooner than later in the Trade Bait Draft!

The final card I chose is one that I may put in the draft and may not - a 2003 Topps Gold Refractor Steve Sparks, #'d to 449:
Sparks was a decent knuckleballer who did his thing from 1995 to 2004. He's no Niekro or Wakefield, but he had his career highlights, including a fantastic 14-9 2001 where he led the league in complete games and sported a career best 3.65 ERA. I've always rooted for the knuckleballers, so this is definitely a neat card to have.

Finally we have the throw ins. The first made me laugh a lot. It was inside the penny sleeve on the left, which reads, "for some reason I felt like you'd enjoy this card." Enjoy I did!
Brian Harper sort of reminds me of Will Ferrell in Anchorman. Ow Now Brown Cow. The arsonist had oddly shaped feet. Et cetera, et cetera, et certera.

And then we have some cool Sox throw ins. Joe sent a ton, but these were my absolute favorites:
Topps Stars is an awesome set if you've never seen it before, so the Pedro is an awesome card. The UD Elements Papi just looks amazing, as does the Silver Signature Collector's Choice Carlos Rodriguez card.

As far as the bottom three, the left card is Brian Rose, who I've mentioned countless times on this blog - I may be the only person who remembers him (I also just added a Rose Auto to my random there's that)! Then a sick HoloGrFx Nomah and a Dustin Pedroia USA Baseball card. Both very cool cards of very great Red Sox middle infielders!

Thanks a ton Joe! I hope you like what I sent you nearly as much!


  1. I saw the Yankees beat Brian Rose at Yankee Stadium in 2000.

  2. Any idea on when the draft will take place?

  3. Um, if you want to trade that ZACH Britton, I can make it worth your while.