Wednesday, July 13, 2011

50% of Seneca Wallace's Master Set -GOT IT!

Hells to the yeah, 50% completion is finally achieved! Needed two cards since my last post, got both cards within a few days of each other thanks to two cheap/quick pickups.

Card one was for sale in an assorted baseball lot on Blowout. It was one of the very few non baseball cards in said lot, and I was surprised to see it for so cheap since the lowest price I've seen for it elsewhere was $10.92. Had to have it, made a deal, and a few days later this epic Donruss Elite Aspirations /85 was mine:
Ooo it shines. Craziest part though? The listing didn't say the serial number, and though I could really care less, it is a nice surprise when you "accidentally" buy an Ebay 1/1:
Nice, huh?

To reach the minimum purchase cost, I had to throw in something else too, so I picked up a Jed Lowrie Bowman first year card:
No real need for said card so it'll go to my Trade Bait, but Lowrie is a cool guy who's finally starting to show his potential for my hometown Sox. So it's definitely not a bad card to have!

The other Seneca, the one that finished off the 50% completion, aka card #145, is a tale of much rejoicing and a small bit of woe. The rejoining part is that the card is an auto parallel out of /100 that I've hardly ever seen anywhere since it's on-card and shiny, meaning the cheapest I had ever seen this card before was $32. I bought it for under $4. Crazy good deal, and the resulting scan is this:
As you'll see, crazy hard to see it's glory scanned, though you can see its woe, which was actually caused by stupid ME. There was a small speck of white on the card when I pulled it out of the package. I got it off with my finger. Bad idea with these cards, since that means smudging, and a super bad idea since that smudging is around and between an on-card auto. I grabbed some non-hand wipes to clean it, which made the smudging go away in person, but the card still scans like this. I swear it's a gorgeous card in person and you'd have no idea I ever touched the thing. But scans tell no lies, and that's my story of how the smudges got there.

Really though, I could care less since it looks nice and puts me at 50%. It really is one of the best looking Seneca autos in my collection, especially since he loops the W, which he rarely ever does on his cards (seems to only do this on real low numbered hand signed autos). So it's a helluva pick up and I'm glad it could be card #150!


  1. 50% is HUGE!!! Congrats on the milestone and good luck on the next 50%.