Saturday, July 16, 2011

Seneca #146: 2003 Skybox Limited Edition

I received a few cards on the day of my actual birthday. One giant box was the shipment from Smed's Grab Bag. Big old 800 count box of cards, chock full of goodies. I'm still working my way through those, but here I thought I'd highlight the other package that came that day, which contained just a single card, a 2003 Skybox LE Seneca Wallace, #'d 30/99:
Picked this one up through Sports Card Forum, through the usual story: Big time Seahawks collector, doesn't care about Seneca cards now since he's a Brown. The card looks great and the Die Cut part isn't in too bad of shape (seems like Die Cuts are soooo easy to destroy), and the price was nice too! So I think it's a terrific start to the second half of Seneca's Master Set! Only 144 more!

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