Sunday, July 24, 2011

Great Scott! Part 1, Scott from Smed Cards

Smed recently had this cool idea to send off a bunch of his unwanted cards for just the cost of shipping and set help.

Of course, you all know that since the thing was a hit and has been all over the blogs, but here's my stuff! Far from all of the cards I received - he sent a loaded 800 count box with tons of goodies, many of which are now in my trade bait - but things I'm either keeping, fond of, or both!

Up first...MINIS!
Now I don't collect Minis (the only three in my collection were two Senecas and a T206 Frank Oberlin), but I do love them. Less card space often leads to less mumbo jumbo and more of the cardsentials, resulting in some beautiful work. The Kimball minis, for example? Excellent artwork on those fronts. And the Goodwin minis? I know Goodwin has its haters, but it's hard for me to dislike Evelyn or Buffalo Bill, or His Airness for that matter. Crazy nice looking cards.

However, we must get back to words 2 through 5 - I don't collect Minis. I'm keeping the Maddux because he's one of my favorite pitchers of all time, and I might keep the Jordan, but the rest are in my trade bait. Johnny Mize's Queen Mini is a Red Gypsy back by the way, for those who care.

I am keeping all of the next lot. I bring you...attack of the rookies!Heyward, Tabata, and Castro - all rookies I never would've gotten without Smed. Ditto for Aviles and Clement, guys I liked thanks to fantasy baseball (Aviles because of stats, Clement because of hype) but who I never would've picked up in an internet purchase. Devern Hansack is famous for his 5 inning no hitter a few years back, and Stolmy Pimental is the best name in the Sox organization. But the guy in the middle steals the show...Samuel Deduno:
Aka the man who spawned a (collection of a) thousand cups. He's still never pitched in the majors, but he was called up to Colorado for a spell last year, and I guess that plus a season in AAA was good enough for Topps to finally give the guy a RC! Good luck Mr. Deduno, I hope you make it!

If you thought those rookies were's where my keepers get even weirder:
Steve Barber, aka my arm is always hurt because it's 1969 and Jim Bouton is writing a book! You'll see more Ball Four guys in Great Scotts Part Deux, coming soon (to a theater!

Rounding out the rest
- An Athletics card, kept because I like Dana Eveland. Can't remember why really - I thought he was a former Red Sox but he wasn't, so maybe it's just his leftiness and trade-i-ness?
- Two Johnny Cuetos. Similar images, but the bordered Gypsy Queen is so much sweeter.
- Jay Bruce UDX Die Cut, aka UDX done right.
- Two Obamas because while I don't want non-sport in my collection, I do still like our current president quite a bit.
- And Ross Ohlendorf because the guy is a genius with a capital G. G money even.

And yet...more randomness? Oh yes my friends, oh yes.
- Kirk Gibson oddball where he's twerkin' it.
- Kevin Mitchell 93 Topps Gold...where he's apparently singing to the ball in his hand before playing some Pepper.
- John mustache in the game today.
- And Candy Cummings..."inventor" of the curve ball and former GSNHOF wannabee.

Saving the trade-bait-i-est for last, Smed also send me a bunch of "hits" to help me stock back up. Three Team USA cards, three Manupatches from '11 Topps, and a Luis Gonzalez grey swatch:
They've all been added to the trade bait page, so have at em if you will. I may someday pull back the Reynolds because it's a very neat card, but for now it's staying up there to see what comes of it!

And there you have the best of the Smed stuff! Easily several bubble mailers worth of awesome, but I also got to replenish my trade bait with plenty of other cardboard excellence. So thanks for the goodies Smed!


  1. I'd be interested in the Diamond ginter mini - pretty sure that's one that I still need!

  2. I think you're right...I noticed right after I sent off your package and was like oh no! Should've tossed that in too! haha