Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dr. Scott! Part 2, Scott Crawford

One great Scott deserves another, even though this one went a totally different direction. See, Smed sent me tons of his cards to clear house in exchange for wants and shipping. I sent Scott Crawford tons of my cards for random cards off his tradelist and shipping. I think both situations worked out quite well for me, but you already saw my post about Smed's Grab Bag so let's get to Scott #2!

First some incidental awesome. I give you what was intended to be a nice image of four serially numbered cards, but which I now label...sparklevamp:
Alou's starry sky combined with Bocachica's lower border creates this crazy mess of dots that looks crazy to me in the image. I also like to image Kelly Shoppach running towards Hiram (maybe to save him?) while Kendry Morales swats those stars away. Crazy four sqaure going on right there, but all really cool cards too (especially the Kendry, which is a rookie!).

Then some oddly serial numbered cards. A Garret Anderson Buyback Auto #'d 8/33 and a John Mabry 01 Pacific Premiere Date #'d 33/36:
Anderson was a guy I quite enjoyed to watch hit, as he was a doubles machine for a while and always hit for pretty good average (lifetime .293). Yet the stats don't lie...he had his faults. Particularly lack of walks (most he ever had in a season was 38, which is bad even if you don't strike out much), power beyond doubles (for most of his career he was a 20 HR max guy, with the exception of his 5 prime years), and terrible baserunning (was a little less than 66% successful on steals). All that said he made a lot of contact and was exciting to watch with the California, Anaheim, and Los Angeles Angels, so it's a helluva'n auto to me! This one is NOT going to trade bait, I can happily say (I'm sure Dodgers and Braves fans are yelling, "Keep the bum!" at their computers, and that's legit haha).

As for the Mabry...I just never understood crazy weird numbering like 36 (let alone 33), nor have I ever understood the premiere parallel as an extra special parallel - It's just a freakin' stamp! But sometimes the stamps look kind of cool (I'm specifically thinking of a few Seneca cards I own) and I'll lump this crazy one into that loop as well. It actually has a book value of $20 too, which shows you how valuable book value really is lol.

For instance, here's 5 cards I would much rather have for $20:
The Chad Cordero was mostly picked because I played MLB Showdown back in the day and I mean to show off some of those cards someday. The Grace was picked because Scott has millions of them (Seriously people, take them off his hands!).

The other three were more legitimate picks. Buddle is crazy good right now and actually playing overseas because he's done it all in the MLS. I don't know a ton about him besides that, but my brothers do and I've heard his name a lot so I thought it was a cool card to pick! The McGehee Chrome was because I fantasy baseball'd McGehee back when he was a rookie for a bit, and because Chrome rules. The Durazo is because I saw Durazo play once in the early 00's, and because I will never understand the Gold Label Row system. Is Row 3 rarer than 1? Or 1 rarer than 3? Or are they the same? So weird...even weirder than first edition cards!

Yikes, so much nonsense! Reel us in Seattle Pilots!
I told you guys in the Smed post that there was more Pilots a comin'...and here you are! I may someday build the set but for now I'm not sure so they're in the bait if anyone comes a calling. But they may not be there for long...

Other vintage baseball awesomeness:
I know a lot of you might yawn, but these cards represent my first playing career cards of Juan Marichal, Fergie Jenkins, Phil Niekro, Tom Seaver, Jim Palmer, Dick Bosman, Denny McLain, Killer, and a bunch of Yankees. Plus Mike Cuellar, who I somehow DID NOT KNOW before this package. Yet there he is, his face on two 1969 leader cards and an earlier Astros card. Guy apparently was pretty damn good, especially in 1970 when the O's won it all. Seemed to be a bit of a wild pitcher too...anyone got any good Mike Cuellar stories I need to know?

To finish things off, we have even more cool vintage, including the 2nd oldest card I now own. I present to you...the football vintage!
I've heard Norm Snead's name a million times as a former Donovan McNabb fan, so it's cool to have a card of his. Ditto Brian Griese's Dad on a Wonderbread oddball card. But the best card of the lot is the 1955 Topps All American Bill Daddio. Some of you may recognize it as the influence on 2003 Topps All American, a set that has a ton of Seneca Wallace cards. I think they did a nice job emulating the front of the card, though Daddio's semi-painted image is a lot bigger and more epic than Seneca's dropback image is. Maybe someday I'm compare the two since I now have a card for comparison!

And there you have it, the tale of another fabulous trade! Many thanks to Scott Crawford for being awesome as always!


  1. Why would I yawn about cards from 1967 and 1972 (two of my favorite sets).

    OK, 1970, I can get a sleepy over.

  2. Eeeee vintage Cubbies! The vintage football is cool too. Don't see that on the card blogs every day. :)