Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Random Post: Chris Dudley's Awful Free Throw Day

This post is a bit dated now, but in mid July some website (I forget now) did a piece on former NBA player Chris Dudley. Part of that piece talked about how Chris Dudley was a horrific free throw shooter who held several records for terrible free throw shooting. I was curious so I googled it and wow...he was really, REALLY bad.

I ended up finding two funny things worth a quick read.
- The first is an ESPN article about the day Chris Dudley missed 5 free throws in one trip to the line (yes that's a record. I don't know if three lane violations by the other team is a record as well, but it might be!).
- The second is the box score from an April 19th game where Dudley set the record for most missed free throws in a row, with 13. He went 1-18 from the line in that game, which is absolutely horrendous but really funny to look at.

Anyway, this post is super random but I thought it was a good fun fact to share. Maybe Ben Wallace will come across this post and feel a little better about himself?

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