Monday, September 12, 2011

The Second Great Seneca Purchase - Now with More Greatness!

A long while back, I picked up 20 needed Seneca Wallace cards from one former Seneca collector. Though I've dealt with ex-Seneca collectors since then, I hadn't bought a lot of cards at one time until now. I think it was well worth the wait (as you will all see!).

More hyping of my Blowout Forums Seneca Wallace needs list led to a post by a guy who calls himself Seahawks4Ever. I had contacted him many moons ago regarding interest in his collection if he ever were to move it, and I was met with an "eh...maybe someday." Turns out a few weeks ago was that day and so after a few messages we had the parameters figured out. I needed a few higher end cards and a few lower end cards, but my funds are limited right now as I'm saving up for something big. So I went with the higher end stuff and told him I'd be back for the lower end stuff in the near future!

The greatest card of all I picked up is definitely Seneca's 2003 LCM Mirror Gold /25. I've been tracking this card forever since only two have even made it to the internet so far - one here and one in Seahawcla's collection. This one is the far superior card and I love the patches:
The jersey patch has some blue showing (I think the white is part of a jersey number). The helmet piece is three colors, showing some of the Seahawks logo. The football piece is boring but that happens. And the shoe piece has stitching and is probably the coolest of all since you can see the inside materials of the shoe from the jersey piece! That's right - the shoe swatch is so fat that it actually carries over into the jersey window a bit (you can sort of see it here). In person all you need to do is tilt the card and you can see the insides of the shoes, which is like 3 different materials and 3-4 different colors. A very neat occurence!

This card puts me one closer to the 2003 LCM Mirror Rainbow:
The only cards I still need are the Mirror Emerald /5 (which has the same swatch windows as the Gold, just probably supposedly better pieces) and the Mirror Black 1/1 (which is heavenly and has an auto but also missing). This has been my favorite Seneca Rainbow to chase, so hopefully one day it will be mine!

I also picked up one of Seneca's best selling cards, though it's in need of an upgrade someday. It's an SPA Gold /25:
The patch is SWEET. It's the AW in Seahawks from just under the collar. The issue is the auto - this card surface doesn't hold ink that well, and because of it the first l in Wallace looks pretty crappy. That said, I'm not too concerned - it's still really nice. I've generally seen several variations of Seneca SPA Golds - ones with jersey number pieces, ones with Seahawks lettering (like mine), and one with the Seahawks logo. I definitely prefer the Hawks lettering to the numbers, so if I upgrade it'll likely be for a Seahawks eye someday!

Right now I'm just happy to own a version of this card though, as they were snatched up quick back in the day! As of this post bradical owns 2/25, jdub owns 3/25, 10/25, and 20/25, granttobin27 owns 8/25, tbluej1 owns 9/25 and 15/25, and Seahawcla owns one too though I'm not sure of the numbering. For those who didn't count - that's 9 of these that are in permanent collections. Mine makes 10, and that didn't leave much room to mess around when trying to acquire one of these!

This also finishes my SPA mini set. Here's the Gold with the base /250:

The biggest coup of this deal was probably Seneca's Rookie Premiere Auto. I was once offered this card for $50. I paid FAR less than that:
It's simple but excellent, and somewhat hard to come by since I've only seen this in collections before (it books for $60, so it's one of my more expensive Seneca cards). I do like that it's a slight variation on the base card - same bottom part, but room for the autograph and a very different image. I wonder if I'll ever find out how rare these truly are?

Finally we get to the less rare but still very much needed stuff. The first is Seneca's SP Game Used /600. It was the highest serial #'d card I still needed of Seneca's and I'm glad I finally have it!Interestingly, a day after buying this the Gold Parallel /50 emerged on Ebay for the first time ever. So soon I'll have this mini set done - nice!

The other less rare card was a throw-in for a deal well down. It's Seneca's Leaf Limited Bronze Spotlight card, #'d /150:
I have Silver too and the base card - time to get the gold (/25) and platinum (/1)!