Saturday, September 17, 2011

First Card from Work

I may have mentioned here before that I currently work for a Goodwill Boutique. Goodwill gets a lot of cards donated to them in Central Indiana, but most either go the way of bargain bin or Shop Goodwill (Goodwill's version of Ebay) before they get to us. We recently, however, received both a binder of junk commons and a Glenn Robinson RC in plastic holder. I swapped the Robinson with a beautiful card and the result was my buying this:
The holder is pretty nice minus the damage to the bottom right. And the price was half of 49 cents...not too bad!

The card looks truly crazy in person. I wish I had this posted on my wall right now:
And that, my friends, is what a quarter can buy you at Goodwill!


  1. I searched and searched. I don't know how it is that I don't have this Barry card. I've gotta get me one. I always imagine what Foster would have been if not for all the injuries. He broke Franco's team record for 100 yard games and tied Eric Dickerson. Even when injured, he still managed 700-800 yard seasons. He had all the talent but his body just didn't hold up.

  2. Ah, the 90's. Some truly crazy cards.

  3. If you are getting your helmet welded back together, it might be time to just buy a new one. And I think the guy in front is trying to hurt me.