Friday, October 21, 2011

Best Mail Week EVER Part 1: It All Starts with Seneca

As if it could start any other way...

As you all well know, I went bonkers a few weeks ago when I accidentally tracked down the owner of Seneca Wallace's greatest card, a Mirror Black 1/1 relic/auto card. Thinking I had the means to buy it, I went back and forth with the owner of the card discussing details, and made him an offer I considered fair for a few cards, including the 1/1. He nixed it. I tried a higher offer for just the 1/1. He still said no. At the time I was disappointed, but I also came away kind of grateful - I'm in no position in life right now to drop major dough on cards, and his nay saying saved me a lot of money. So in the end, I'm happy to have that money in my bank account while waiting on a future, more financially sound day when I can try to pry that card away again.

Of course, not all the money is in my bank account, because I decided it would be a good idea to still make a deal with this guy to get us off on the right foot. Besides, he had two cards I absolutely HAD to have, and I knew the price wouldn't be too bad on either. So we still worked out a deal, and for around $35 two very excellent cards were mine, one far more excellent than the other. Why? Because it's #'d 1/5 and I didn't think it existed until I found this guy.

Behold, the 2009 Mayo Mini Cloth:
Now, there are a lot of Seneca Wallace cards that I've never found, but his newer cards from 2009 Mayo are often the hardest to find since a lot of that product isn't even open or on the internet yet (while Seneca's 2003 stuff is all coming out of the woodwork over time). So I had never seen a version of Seneca's 2009 Mayo Mini Cloth ever, despite finding the whereabouts of TWO 1/1 printing plates. Odd right? But true, and I kind of figured I would never see this one. So I'm pretty psyched to have picked it up.

The scan does the card semi-justice...the border is that cool, but the serial #'ing is ever cooler as it's that foil effect and looks neat sunken into the border. Then the card itself is neat because there's a little square space (you can kind of see it starting at the bottom 1/4th of Seneca's #15) where the encased middle is exposed, which allows you to touch the silk. The material is neat and it's a pretty cool card, not unlike Allen and Ginter Silks that some of you may have seen (then again, Mayo is not unlike Allen and Ginter itself). The back is then completely blank. It's become one of my favorite cards almost instantly since I'm the only Seneca collector I know who has one and the card looks awesome in person.

The other card I had to have is an oddball one, but it finishes off a mini set for me. It's Seneca's 2003 Playoff Prestige Xtra Points Purple /25 (this one is 19/25):
With all the autos and relics this guy had, it's definitely weird of me to pick a non hit card, but then again I'm kind of weird. The real reason is that one of the first big hits I picked up of Seneca's was the National Convention Stamped parallel version of this card, which is /5. I then picked up the base card, and found the Green parallel /25 (just like this one only green) on Sportlots and was able to cut a deal on it. I loved the way the green effect looked, and I really wanted to finish off this brand for Seneca, so the purple was a must have. And I have to say, it shines just as nice as the green...very good stuff and I'm glad I made the decision I made!

Two excellent cards start off an excellent streak of mailday posts. Up next, some COMC goodies...starting with Seneca Wallace and then moving to the stuff you guys might care about (lol)!