Monday, October 24, 2011

Best Mail Week EVER Part 4: Cups and METAL!

With some Senecas and a few PC needs down, I decided to go with some cheapo PC needs. When I think low priced I think cups and set singles, so my first stop was one of the best cup cards ever, John Grubb's 1983 Fleer:
Can't have a cup collection without ol' Grubb and his Ranger Aid! This card was first introduced to me by Bo of Baseball Cards Come to Life, and I'm glad it's finally mine!

Another cup card on my short need list was this 1987 Topps card of Jay Schroeder:
Something about that devil may care haircut combined with the green and orange refreshment in the background makes me laugh every time I see this card. It is just so excellent.

And last but not least, we have Pete Vuckovich and his 1982 Fleer card:
Cup: Check. Crazy blue warmup outfit: Check. Sweet mustache: Double check. And a Marlboro ad in the background to boot. Early Fleer is the best for shots of weirdness, especially when it comes to cup cards.

Not to be outdone, my 1997 Metal Universe set gained a few cards that were crazy in their own right. I ended up with two new football cards, one of Slash and one of Kevin Turner:
The Kordell is just pretty awesome - he's either half robot or being turned to stone. The Turner is one of my favorite cards in the set though, mostly because I don't understand it one bit. Is he supposed to be in the ocean, evading the shark? Or is he part shark, as the grey stuff coming out of him seems to indicate? Or is he just at a local aquarium, throwing jukes for 3rd graders on a field trip? The world may never know.

The best of all, and worst to scan, is my baseball addition, in the form of Greg Maddux and a Bear:
This one confuses me so much too. I think the implication is that Maddux IS a bear, which would explain why Maddux's one leg simply disappears halfway down the card (the other hides behind a tree). But my question here is regarding the two arrows that narrowly missed Maddux - are they meant to be shot at him? As if someone saw Greg Maddux, thought bear, and just started shooting? Greg Maddux is a national treasure, and I definitely wouldn't shoot arrows at him, even if he was part bear. Maybe it's a Mets fan or something?

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