Friday, October 28, 2011

Best Mail Week EVER Part 8: The End, From Canada

Rounding out this chain of best mail week ever posts is the third package I received, which was a purchase from a Blowout Forum member. I initially expected it way before the other cards, so I was surprised when it didn't arrive within the first few days. A quick message to the member indicated that he was a Canuck, which explained the slow shipping (stupid customs!). This actually ended up working out quite nicely since his package then arrived along with my other goodies, making my mailbox very happy. And the card inside may be one of my favorites from the entire week - a 2009 Donruss Elite Joey Galloway Jersey, #'d 15/50:
While my Patriot fandom has mostly reigned supreme, I've always had that B team that I liked to cheer for. And as hinted at in the post with the Warren Moon RC, that team for me in the mid to late 90's was the Seattle Seahawks. With Moon at QB, Ricky Watters in the backfield, and Joey Galloway on the outside, I was always pulling for these guys to win. This was followed by brief Eagles fandom (Duce Staley and McNabb), then a stint of Patriot fandom only, and then my current state of Browns appreciation.

Given that early love of the Seahawks, I've always really wanted a Galloway hit. For a while I was thinking an auto, and I'll still probably grab one someday since his autos are dirt cheap, but I couldn't pass up this nice 3 color patch at a cheap price. I especially like how part of red jersey bumps up near the jersey number, which gives the patch a 4 color, 3 break look even though its really just 3 colors and 2 breaks. Definitely one of the best patches I've picked up in a while, and a fantastic end to the best mail week ever!

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