Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Month, Two New BEAUTIFUL Seneca Wallace Cards

Lately Ebay has been a haven for rare Seneca Wallace cards, which has resulted in two additions to the master set with several more on the way. These two are two of my favorite pickups in a long time, thanks to an excellent auto and a tremendous patch!

The first card is a brand spanking new one for me, since it's one of those cards without any parallels at all. From 2003 SP Game Used Edition, it's Seneca's Significant Signatures Auto, serial 38/99:
This might be my favorite Seneca Wallace autograph of all now. Sure it's a little busy, and the image is cropped on either side making the card sort of awkward. But it's also a nice ISU photo with a crisp, on card, full name auto. I also love the front side numbering in that little red box - always nice to know the serial number without having to turn the thing over!

The other goodie is a Leaf Rookies and Stars Longevity dual of Seneca and Kliff Kingsbury, #'d 4/25. This one has a bit of a story. A few weeks back on Ebay one of these surfaced, and I lost the auction which hit about $10. Then this card surfaced, and though the card was different (card #1 was a 3 color Kliff patch and single color Seneca, this one is a 1 color Kliff patch and 2 color Seneca), the seller was the same! So I messaged him and asked if he had any more, which strangely he did. He sent me a scan - another Kliff Kingsbury patch with a 1 color Seneca swatch - and with that knowledge I knew the current auction had to be mine. And so it was:
I love that the colors aren't white, grey, or black for either guy - keeping things interesting! The Seneca side is obviously my favorite though:
And even more close up:
Pretty neat IMO. It's rare to find a Seneca Patch except in his real high end stuff, so finding a patch with stitching here was definitely a nice pickup for my collection!


  1. Wow... Wallace has a beautiful signature. Congratulations on the pickups!