Monday, October 3, 2011

Destiny? Well probably not, but another Seneca card joins the ranks nonetheless!

As I chip away at my Seneca Wallace card needs via Ebay, there are inevitably cards that get away. Usually they're cards that pass a certain price point that I have in my head, which is often $5 for higher #'d or no #'d cards, $10 for lower #'s (say, /25 and up), and $20 for super nice cards. Seneca cards tend to fall within those little groupings over and over again, so if I miss something the first time I can always buy a similar card later. Little did I know that I'd find the exact same card for sale in one instance!

See, in early August a Sage Authentic Red Jersey #'d 66/99 came up for sale. I love the Sage jerseys since they're one of Seneca's few game worn releases (college stuff) AND they're a well designed card. So I was all over it, but put my max at about $6 or $7. Well someone outbid me and the thing sold at $8.50. I chalked it up to an Iowa State fanatic, marked the sale in my Excel file (because yes, I track what the cards sell for in Excel for future comparison), and moved on.

6 weeks later the card was back on Ebay. I'm talking same exact card, serial 66/99 and everything. So I asked the seller, what was up? He told me that the original buyer never paid and so after working out all the hassle of a non-paying buyer form, he decided to try to sell again. This time, without any crappy bidders involved, I won the card within my price range. And like that, the 6 month saga of Seneca's Sage Authentic Red Level jersey 66/99 was at its end, arriving in my mailbox a few days ago:
It's a simple design but one I really think works, especially with all the pops of red. I also like hand numbering - I know it can be prone to faking (I've seen Michael Jordan jerseys where people changed a serial number to 23/ to raise the price) but when done right it adds a nice touch. But most of all I just love the jerseys on these - Iowa State has real sharp colors on their jerseys, and lower #'d swatches in the set (like my Bronze /75) often include 2 or more colors, which is so awesome. So I'm glad this jersey came back to me, and I'm hoping some of the other parallels from this set follow suit!

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