Friday, October 7, 2011

A Few Quirky New Senecas

Not only have I had luck in the engagement department recently, but I've also had luck with oddball Senecas popping up on Ebay. These two came in the mail the past few days and were much needed pickups, but only after much list perusing to make sure I actually needed them since they're sort of weird!

The first card is a 2003 Leaf Rookies and Stars jersey card of Seneca. It's special because it's a "First 50" parallel"
The base version looks like the above card minus the auto and stamping, and it's numbered to 550. This card is also numbered to 550 and is actually part of the same print run, but the first 50 numbers in the run had a sticker auto added with the stamp. Below is the back showing the under 50 print run (11/550 in this case):
Beckett's site made it look like there was a /10 version, a /50 version, and a /550 version. Now I know there are two /550 versions split up, which helps a lot. I still need the auto-less /550 jersey and the /10 Longevity jersey/auto, which I'll get around to eventually (I have a bead on one Longevity jersey if I really want it, but for now I'm holding off).

The other oddball was the Uncirculated Blue Refractor version of Seneca's 2003 Bowman card:
The reason its an oddball is that Beckett claims the card is numbered to 235, but none of the blue refractors are actually numbered. I even checked COMC to make sure and sure enough, no numbers. But it does say blue refractor on the back in the top right corner, right under the card number:
So the card has a print run of 235, but the individual cards aren't stamped at all, which is fine/cool. Weird though that they stamped the reds and not the blues.

Regardless, nice to grab another 2003 Bowman. The Bowman base card has the most non 1/1 parallels (8 + the one base card) of any Seneca Wallace release, so it'll be nice when I finally make the rainbow. It's achievable too, since the lowest print run left is still a hefty /50 and I've tracked down 2 of the 3 cards needed.

The biggest parallel set with 1/1's? 2007 Topps Total, the card with Marcus Pollard. 11 cards total including 4 printing plates. I anticipate getting down to 8 someday and then slowly waiting for the other 3 plates to emerge on Ebay. One can only hope...


  1. Don't miss out on another great-named ISU QB.... "Steele Jantz."