Monday, October 17, 2011

Two MAJOR Seneca PC Additions

It's been awesome tracking down other Seneca Wallace collectors, as I've met a lot of cool people who also appreciated Seneca when he was wearing #15 in Seattle. But when Seneca left Seattle a lot of those collections went kaput, which means I've been buying them up whenever I can and moving on to other collections to buy. This newest purchase, from jdub5498, made it so I no longer need cards from three private collections. So jdub (aka John), TheSeahawksCollection (aka Chris), and GrantTobin27 (Grant), thanks for reminiscing about Seneca with me while selling me some awesome cards. I really appreciate it.

This jdub purchase polished off three collections in one swoop mainly because of one card: Seneca's 2003 Ultimate Gold Autograph /25. Personally I've never understood the hubbub around this card and likely never will - the /250 base parallel didn't do much for me and the gold version is only slightly tinted different on the front (the back is far more gold though). Yet it's likely Seneca's most expensive on-card auto, which is why I couldn't get pry it loose from any collectors for the longest time. Finally jdub offered me a decent price on it and I had to pick it up when given the chance. So for about $25, this baby was mine:
The main draw of the card according to another Seneca collector (the guy with the Mirror Black 1/1) is the Iowa State image and the clean card design. That's all well and good, but this card does the same thing for me and only cost $3. But I hate to sound is a nice auto nonetheless and represents probably my most impressive Seneca pickup to date, aside from maybe the /10 PressPass Jersey/Auto that I have. So kudos to me lol.

The other card to tag along with this one was the only other Seneca I needed from jdub. See, originally I needed something like 17 cards of his when I first found him, but over time I cut that number to 5. A purchase from Chris brought me down to 3, and then an Ebay win brought me down to just two, the Ultimate Auto and an SPX Spectrum /25. Initially I figured I would like the Ultimate better in person, but I'm actually much more a fan of the Spectrum:
Again it's a parallel, and the 2003 SPX card is weird in that the auto is on a cardboard inlay rather than on card. But the touches of gold here are near (in the numbering, the spx, some of the lettering), and I love the addition of the word spectrum to the right of the auto, in case collectors didn't know what they had in their hands. Delightfully tacky, and adds a bit this card. Something I like, which is nice!

And that, my friends, is how you pick up two major collection needs and eliminate three future transaction partners in one quick purchase. That now puts just three Seneca collectors left - heroesoncards (an old collector who has a bunch of stuff), bradical (my only real remaining active competition), and Seahawcla (he of the high end Seahawks stuff). Hopefully in years time I'll be writing a post about swallowing up their collections while talking Seneca history in my search towards 291 as well!

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