Saturday, November 5, 2011

Searching COMC for Cool Stuff: 1996 Leaf Signature Series Autographs

As I glimpse more and more through COMC, I find a lot of cool sets that I had forgotten about. One such set is Leaf's 1996 Signature Series Autographs, which had an autograph from pretty much every player who played in 1995.'s extensive, with something like 252 autographs. And that's not including the parallel sets, or the extended series with autographs from another 200+ players. Did I also mention that all the autos were on card? Because yeah, they were.
If you're interested in seeing some of these cards, give them a look on COMC. There are 474 distinct cards from the set on COMC, with many available for $1-2. If you liked a given player in 1995, even if he was somewhat of a scrub, there's a decent shot he has an auto in the set. So check it out if you'd like! I wonder if anyone has ever completed a set of these things...


  1. I've always been fond of the Leaf Signature Series cards. Any time I can get an autographed card for $1 or $2, I'm happy.

    Fortunately, I wasn't really collecting baseball cards when they came out - I imagine it was very disappointing to open an expensive pack and have your autograph be a backup catcher or middle reliever.

  2. I got a nice Eddie Perez (Braves) auto from this set. No way would have Eddie ever appeared in any other auto set...that's why it's so cool!

  3. I'm a huge fan of this set as well...

    simple design + on-card autograph = one awesome card