Monday, November 7, 2011

70% of the Master Set! Get excited Senecamaniacs!

When I joined Sports Card Forum a year back, my first offer was a Seneca Wallace 2003 Sweet Spot Gold Jersey /25. The guy was nice but his cost was too high, and so I passed.

A year later and yet another guy on the site offers me another one of these cards for $7 cheaper than the first guy. I was tempted to wait until the other 23 cards surfaced on SCF over the next 23 years (clearly that's the pattern right?), but instead I jumped on this one. So now it's mine, putting me just over 70% set completion in the process:
A nice card with a neat gold tint, and another case of me getting the awesome parallel before the still cool but not as awesome (and /300) base version. My favorite part though is that Seneca's pose reminds me of this:
Hence the post title. I guess you could consider me a Senecamaniac after all!

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