Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hiatus Over! Starting with Some New Senecas!

I've been back in Indiana for a few days, but with work and the need for a new image cropping program, I hadn't gotten to posting anything yet. But yesterday I had the day off, which gave me time to work out all the kinks and scan all sorts of goodies. So prepare for a ton of posts with new cards of mine, starting with this one!

This one actually comes as a pre-Christmas lot, one I ordered off of Ebay. It should've been at my house at the beginning of December, but the guy had a complicated shipping process (he only ships Saturdays) which was further confounded by him forgetting to ship it two weeks in a row, followed by a package getting sent back to him. Craziness.

I wasn't all too upset though once the cards got to my mailbox. Because this was one helluva package. See, it was a lot of three cards for $10 shipped. The one card I needed is pretty rare and I've seen it cheapest at $ already that's a good deal. But add in that the other two cards were upgrades to cards I had and that's even better. Good stuff!

Here's the one I needed. An SP Finite Gold Auto 14/25:
This finishes my Finite set, which consists of two base cards, three jerseys, and two autos. Nice to be completely done with another set!

As for those upgrades, one isn't scanned yet (it's the /1100 SPX base and is slightly better than my version). The other is though, and is WAY better. The SP Auto/Patch /250 I originally owned was a simple blue patch - pretty boring stuff. The new version I have courtesy of this Ebay purchase is a lot more patchtastic:
Two pieces of letters, with the blue jersey backing = nice. The auto is also cleaner on this one than my other one, with no breaks versus two on the one I picked up before. I was hoping to upgrade to a nicer version of this someday, but with limited income it wasn't a big priority. But I didn't expect this as a throw-in with a /25 card I needed! How's that for some good luck?

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  1. Sweet pickups! Seneca has such a beautiful signature.